Hyaluronic acid: miracle weapon for flawless skin!

Miracle weapon hyaluronic acid

Whether creams, gels, serums, special hyaluronic drinks or injections – hyaluronic acid is considered a real wonder weapon when it comes to minimizing the signs of time. Hollywood stars also swear by the active ingredient. Thanks to the plumping effect, the skin looks plumper, more radiant and also smoother.

What is hyaluron?

Hyaluronic acid is an active substance produced naturally in the body and an important component of various types of connective tissue. In the skin, joints, bones and intervertebral discs, hyaluron acts as a natural filler. Hyaluronic acid is particularly characterized by its ability to bind very large amounts of water to itself, and thus supports the cellular tissue of the body, cushions tissue and fills any gaps that arise. With increasing age, however, the body’s own hyaluronic acid decreases. The connective tissue loses its resilience and elasticity, so that smaller wrinkles appear. This is where aesthetic medicine comes in. Special creams, serums or injections with hyaluronic acid can ensure that affected areas are plumped up again.

Hyaluron in cosmetics

In the meantime, hyaluronic acid can also be produced synthetically and is not only found in our own body. Synthetic hyaluronic acid is used in medicine or in cosmetic skin care. The active ingredient is often found in anti-aging products and moisturizers (www.m1-select.de) in particular. The products are applied directly to the skin, where they can penetrate into the upper layers of the skin and help to increase elasticity and smooth the skin.

Injection with hyaluronic acid

Injection with hyaluronic acid, unlike creams, gels and serums, reaches the deeper layers of the skin. The targeted injection of hyaluronic acid into the wrinkles immediately plumps up the tissue. However, the plumping effect of hyaluronic acid is not only suitable for minimizing wrinkles, but also, among other things, for injecting the lips, a cheek augmentation or for combating dark circles under the eyes. During a treatment, between 0.5 ml and 3 ml of hyaluronic acid is used, depending on the needs and the skin area. A big plus: an effect can be seen immediately after the injection!

The synthetic active ingredient is also degraded by the body after some time, similar to endogenous hyaluronic acid. Therefore, the treatment should be performed regularly to achieve a long-term effect.

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