Hyaluron meets sun protection: vacation for the skin

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Summer is in full swing and sunlight is doping for body and soul! Unfortunately, as we know, the sun also has its downsides. This is how modern sun protection works!

Sunshine is simply good for you: breathing, blood circulation, metabolism and circulation are stimulated and vitamin D is formed, which stabilizes the bones. The oxygen content in the blood is also increased and the immune system strengthened. An extra portion of the happiness hormone serotonin also pampers the soul. As a result, you often have more power and a good mood in the summer.Pleasure without regret promises innovative sun protection. If you look under sensitive skin suffers and wants to counteract premature aging of the skin, the choice of the right products is particularly important.

Alone 80 percent of premature skin aging are due to UV radiation. The short wavelength UVB rays tan the skin indirectly. They stimulate the formation of Melanin which makes the skin look brown. UVB rays are dangerous, but calculable. Where they are particularly strong, you need sunscreen with a high sun protection factor.

The long-wave UVA rays directly tan, penetrate deeper into the skin and cause irreparable long-term damage: The connective tissue is weakened, the skin loses its elasticity – free path for Wrinkles (photo-aging). UVA rays can even change the gene structure in the cells and lead to skin cancer in the long term.

Sun protection with hyaluronic acid

New scientific findings show that the skin is not only damaged by UV light. It can heat up to 40 degrees in just 20 minutes in the sun. This heat stress accelerates the Collagen degradation and thus leads to the so-called Thermal Aging.

Fortunately, scientists in the beauty industry are working on better and better protection and care products, new ingredients and sophisticated textures. And they now promise a new Gold Standard in things Light and heat protection. Thus, the scientific team of medipharma cosmetics has extended the protective formula of the “Hyaluron Sun Care Face” by a new Anti-aging active ingredient reinforced. A special repair complex protects against heat stress, vitamin E binds free radicals and the Hyaluronic acid in pharmaceutical quality provides intensive moisture. Mineral oils and parabens are not used, which is why the products are also ideally suited for sensitive skin.

To be protected in the summer, you also need to follow certain Cream rules adhere. Recent studies have shown that over 30 percent of Germans still do not protect themselves adequately with sunscreen. Special application tests have also shown that many consumers clearly apply too little sunscreen. As a result, the sun protection factor indicated on the package is not achieved at all. Often, only 0.5 to 1.5 mg of cream per square centimeter of skin is applied, and thus only about half the protection is achieved. As a rule two finger lengths of sunscreen should be spread on the face.

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