How to say war on acne

Acne is not only a problem of pubescent teenagers. Adults also suffer from the unpleasant inflammation of the sebaceous glands and skin. There can be many reasons for this: be it genetics, hormonal factors such as taking the pill or pregnancy, external influences such as stress or increased sebum production. And both men and women are affected. Acne not only looks unsightly, many also suffer psychologically from the skin disease. Mostly the face is affected, primarily the so-called T-zone, i.e. forehead, nose and chin, but also the cheek area. Acne is usually manifested by pustules, pimples, blackheads, but also by small nodules under the skin. The sebaceous glands responsible for acne are located in the second layer of the skin – the dermis. The glands produce sebum, a greasy substance that normally drains naturally to the outside. In acne, the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum and the ducts become clogged. This is how the unwelcome pimples and blackheads develop. Blackheads in particular can be inflammatory or non-inflammatory.

Acne treatment

There are several methods to treat acne. However, science has not yet been able to find a permanent cure. But: the right treatment can shorten the course of the disease and alleviate the discomfort. In addition, the unsightly scarring that is unfortunately often characteristic of acne can be prevented. The most common medical treatment options are limited to creams, solutions and gels that are applied to the skin. These contain certain medical active ingredients and are called local therapeutics. There are also various treatment options in cosmetics. Very common is the treatment with fruit acids, which are applied to the skin and are mostly used in the form of external application or chemical peels. Also known is the mechanical removal of blackheads in combination with heat treatment. Here, open and closed blackheads are usually squeezed out with the fingers. Often these treatments promise only short-term success and are usually associated with a high expenditure of time and money.

Another method of acne control recommended by dermatologists is the Light therapy.

Let the fight begin: Acne treatment with BBL

For those affected, acne is a very stressful skin condition. And medications and creams are not always enough to combat it. IPL therapy, which works with intensely pulsed light, could help better. A still new, but very promising, innovative method of IPL therapy is BBL, the Broad Band Light System. This system works thanks to pulsed, filtered, highly concentrated light. It can treat mild to moderate inflammatory and pustular inflammatory acne. The flash lamp used can help to achieve clear, healthy skin. The intensely pulsed light effectively fights the bacteria in the sebaceous follicles and also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

How BBL Works:

Usually, before the treatment, the skin is analyzed in detail. BBL is applied on an outpatient basis and one is able to return to social life and work immediately afterwards. Also, the treatment is usually performed without anesthesia, as it is almost painless. If necessary, an anesthetic cream is applied before the flash lamp is used. At the beginning of the treatment, a cooling gel is applied to the skin areas concerned. A cooling plate integrated in the handpiece of the lamp cools the skin down to about 15 degrees Celsius. Nevertheless, heat or even a slight “prick” is felt during the treatment. The flash lamp emits concentrated light pulses, so-called “flashes”, via the handpiece. The lamp has several light filters that limit the effective wave range of the light pulses to the desired level. First, a blue light filter is used to combat bacteria in the sebaceous glands. Then the yellow light filter comes into play, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. The cooling plate lies on the skin during the treatment and cools it evenly. This is the only way to ensure a comfortable temperature. The light pulses penetrate through the surface into the skin and turn into heat when they hit the affected areas. The light energy is thus used precisely against acne. The surface of the skin as well as surrounding skin areas are thus spared. Treatment with BBL reduces the risk of acne reoccurrence. One treatment lasts only up to 45 minutes. Thus, BBL is a new, innovative and very promising treatment method against acne. In Germany, this method is still rare.

Professional BBL therapy with Dr. Bernard in Munich

In her practice for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Munich, Dr. Martha Bernard has made it her mission to satisfy her patients. She achieves this even before treatment through sensitive and confidential consultations. The experienced specialist is also one of the first doctors in Germany to use the innovative light technology of the BBL and to successfully treat acne patients. In fact, her practice is a leader in this country, as it uses the still new, technological system with the Sciton Joule TM laser and light technology is used.