How to get a radiant complexion?

The compliment, “You’re so radiant!” doesn’t always mean just a smile. Sometimes the compliment also applies to a radiant appearance. But how do you get a healthy glow that makes your complexion look even and younger?

Dr. Sonja Sattler from the Rosenpark Clinic explains in the VIDEO interview What you can do to make your complexion look as healthy and beautiful in analogue life as it does for many after a Photoshop editing for self-promotion on social media.

The topic of aging skin has long been about more than just wrinkles and fine lines; it’s about a healthy appearance. How important is an even complexion?

“Beautiful skin, the so-called skin quality is extremely important for each of our patients. We always try to achieve a wonderfully even complexion, no matter what method of rejuvenation we offer minimally invasive or even surgical. It is known from worldwide studies that the Skin quality, that is, the skin surface, a even complexion, is extremely important for the satisfaction of our patients. As disturbing are above all Small veins, Pigmentation disorders, Acne scars Or even rough skin felt.”

What can you do against red veins?

“Red veins, also Couperose usually develop in middle age, can be the result of a Rosacea but can also occur without a disease. The red veins can be treated wonderfully. For example, with the so-called IPL flash lamp. This usually requires three to four sessions. If the veins are more pronounced, we use laser technology. Both treatment methods are particularly suitable for the winter months.”

Do the red veins keep coming back?

“The tendency for veins to appear on the face unfortunately persists and is most common in fair skin types.”

Can you protect yourself from it preventively?

“It makes sense not to expose the skin surface to extremes. These include extreme cold and heat as well as intense sunlight. But also coffee or alcoholic beverages can damage the Development of red veins Promote.”

Pigmentation spots also make the complexion look old. What can be done about them?

“Pigment spots in our latitudes are mainly caused by UV light. We therefore also call them Light damage. They can also be a consequence of inflammation, a so-called postinflamatory Hyperpigmentation. The IPL flash lamp can also be used against pigment spots. However, at the Rosenpark Clinic we also use methods such as peelings or classic freezing of pigments with cryotherapy.”

How effective are peels in making the complexion radiant?

“Peels are generally very suitable for improving the surface of the skin and thus making the complexion radiant. There are different depths of the Peels, depending on the substance used. A superficial Fruit acid peeling can wonderfully improve pigmentation disorders. But if we go deeper, as with trichloroacetic acid, the top layer of skin is removed. Then there is downtime. Of course, we have a much more beautiful skin appearance after such a treatment. However, the treatment is also costly. Very deep peelings, like the Phenol peeling, are very rarely performed. They go into the deep skin cell layer and, if not performed professionally and carefully, can also lead to complications.”

Is the dark season particularly suitable for this?

“The dark season is perfect for all types of scrubs. Peelings irritate the surface of the skin and soreness occurs. Therefore, it is essential to protect the skin from UV light during the treatment and also use products with a sun protection factor afterwards to avoid pigment disorders.”

Should you use SPF even in winter?

“In general, sunscreen is our best friend for even skin tone. We protect with light protection not only the collagen and the elastic fibers, we also protect ourselves from pigment irregularities or veins. My tip: light protection should be part of the daily routine in summer and winter.”