How to get a natural result after breast surgery?

Breast augmentation is still one of the most performed operations within aesthetic medicine. There are still many questions about this topic: How do you get a natural result after breast surgery? How does the surgery proceed and what are the costs of breast surgery?

In addition, reports surrounding ALCL (anaplastic large cell lymphoma) have left patients uncertain. ALCL is anaplastic large cell lymphoma, which is a malignant disease of the lymph nodes. The specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery from the Rosenpark Clinic in Darmstadt, Dr. Daniel Rüger, answers the important questions in the VIDEO interview.

There are different options for breast augmentation. How do you find the right breast surgery for a natural result?

“There are different techniques for breast surgery, such as placing the implant above or below the pectoral muscle. Another option is to place the implant through the armpit or the crease under the breast. The techniques depend on the patient’s anatomy and are thus discussed individually to achieve the best tailored result.”

What is the process of breast augmentation in Darmstadt?

“Experience in breast augmentation shows that it usually takes an hour. You prepare the pocket for the implant that you have previously chosen with the patient. As a doctor, I naturally make sure that it is a particularly gentle breast surgery, that the patient has little pain post-operatively and is fit again as quickly as possible. After the breast surgery, the patient can go home as soon as she wakes up from the anesthesia.”

Why is a consultation prior to breast augmentation with a natural result so important?

“Patient counseling is relevant to find out what the patient’s desire is for the breast surgery shape. The patient may not know what implant size will work for her and also fit. It is very important to find out based on measurements, a detailed history, and a simulation of the breast OR shape.”

There are many different implants. What are the differences?

“There are very many implant manufacturers on the market. I use Polytech implants, which come from Germany and are well tested. There is a very wide variety in terms of breast surgery shape, there are round implants and anatomical implants. Again, they can be different shapes, oval, high oval, or transverse oval. There are also different surfaces and also different projections. All of these details need to be figured out with patient during consultation to have a natural result after breast surgery.”

How do you go about choosing implants for a natural result after breast surgery?

“When choosing implants, I use a special formula from Stockholm. Here, one can calculate the perfect implant for the patient pre-operatively, without having to simulate this in the surgery. This way you achieve a beautiful and natural result for the patient.”

Is lifelong durability of implants realistic?

“When there are problems with implants, it’s not the implants themselves that break, but what can become a problem is what’s called capsular fibrosis. This is a natural process in the body. Every implant is enclosed in a capsule. In the course of life, fibrosis of the capsule occurs. This becomes harder and firmer and can also cause pain in higher stages. This is one reason many patients choose to replace their implant after about 10 to 15 years.”

Before the procedure, can you see what the breast will look like after augmentation?

“During the discussion, the breast size and, if necessary, the breast shape are simulated together with the patient by special sizers. This gives the patient an idea of how the breast shape will look after breast surgery. An exact simulation is not performed during breast augmentation in Darmstadt, as experience has shown that it is not valid.”

What about scars after breast augmentation?

“The scar after breast augmentation is particularly small, 3 to 4 centimeters, and usually sits below the breast crease. The scar heals very delicately and finely, so you won’t see it later.”

Are fears regarding ALCL* well-founded?[*AnaplasticLargeCellLymphoma)

“Indeed, there are rare cases of ALCL, anaplastic large cell lymphoma, which is a malignant disease of the lymph nodes. It has been detected on structured implants. I use implants from Polytech, which have a special surface. As a result, the incidence of ALCL is much lower.”

Are there risks in general?

“There are surgical risks, but they are further reduced by a very gentle surgical technique. In principle, the procedure is very safe and is also performed very frequently.”

What do you need to be aware of after breast augmentation?

“One day after breast surgery, patients are already allowed to shower. Nevertheless, one should be more careful overall. Wear a compression bra for six weeks to give stability to the implant from the outside. Refrain from sports and avoid lifting heavy objects.”

How much does breast surgery cost?

“The cost of breast augmentation varies greatly from individual to individual. Depending on what techniques are used and, of course, depending on which implant is used. This is discussed with the patient in advance during the consultation.”

Lead photo: Valeria Boltneva