How to balance the acid-base household

The beauty and health expert Michael Droste-Laux is a passionate connoisseur and researcher in the field of “alkaline applications”. Here are his tips and experiences.

Michael Droste-Laux is one of the leading specialists in the acid-base sector, lectures at medical and alternative practitioner conferences and has published two books on the subject (“Das Säure-Basen-Erfolgskonzept” and “Gift auf unserer Haut”, both published by Knaur-Verlag). With his own cosmetics company, he has placed the emphasis entirely on the alkaline method.

The aim of an alkaline application is to activate the skin’s self-lubrication and regeneration. Michael Droste-Laux is firmly convinced that the skin shows the acid-base balance of our body. If the skin can only perform its function as an excretory organ to a limited extent, this has an effect on the entire organism.

Neutralize cell activity

As basic active ingredients, the base specialist uses Rügen healing chalk in its products, which promotes cell vitality and has a neutralizing effect. In addition, exquisite gemstones such as aquamarine, rose quartz and rock crystal, which provide a subtle resonance.

The Its applications are also used in hotel spas. At Hotel König Ludwig, for example, you can see for yourself the effectiveness of an alkaline treatment in a variety of ways. An “alkaline gemstone bath” is the perfect start! Here, the organism is deacidified through the osmosis effect via the skin. Before getting into the luxurious tub, the body gets a peeling with a raw silk glove. Afterwards one lies comfortably in the warm water and listens to relaxing music. Already after drying off, the skin feels silky soft and smooth.

The next step is a facial in a class of its own. The “Alkaline Facial” consists of cleansing, a draining massage, an alkaline mask, a pressure point massage and an alkaline day care. With a view of the mountain landscape, it is wonderful to relax in the treatment room. The beautician has golden hands and ensures an absolute feeling of well-being. Here, too, the goal is to reactivate the skin, stimulate self-fatting and balance the complexion.

Michael Droste-Laux

In addition to the full bath and facial, the spa program also offers alkaline full-body wraps and a detox massage. Both methods “purify” the body and strengthen the organs in this work. Such deacidification affects our well-being, health and the way we age. Thus, the alkaline treatments balance not only the body, but also the soul.

Text: Ulla Jacobs
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