How sustainable is a laser facelift?

Over time, the skin loses moisture and elasticity. The formation of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which give the skin its vitality and suppleness, also decreases with age. The result is a depleted and tired facial appearance. Fortunately, innovative treatment options of modern medicine provide a remedy: the so-called laser therapy promises smoother, firmer skin completely without costly surgical interventions. But what is the principle behind it, how does a laser facelift work and how lasting are the results?

Procedure of a facelift with laser

The procedure used in Dr. Bernard’s practice is based on state-of-the-art technologies. The laser that is used Erbium – YAG Laser Joule has proven itself for years as a highly effective laser for aesthetic laser therapy in the field of dermatology or plastic surgery. In addition to minimally invasive facelifting, it is used for the Skin smoothing or with the Treatment of scars is used. Due to the fantastic results and minimal risks, laser facelift is an excellent alternative to surgical facelift.

The treatment itself is performed on an outpatient basis in the office with ointment anesthesia and skin cooling. In a preliminary consultation, Dr. Bernard discusses the skin type and suggests the appropriate treatment method and laser intensity for the procedure depending on other factors, such as reaction to the sun.

How long does a laser facelift take?

Depending on the extent of the laser treatment, several sessions may be necessary, for example in the course of follow-up treatments. Before the actual treatment, it is important to avoid intense sunlight for at least three weeks. The use of medications that cause photosensitivity should also be avoided.

Laser treatment results in Removal of used tissue deep in the skin. The high-energy light also stimulates the body’s own synthesis of collagen fibers. This tightening effect can long-lasting and intense results can be achieved. New collagen formation is stimulated by fractionated, controlled laser pulses in the skin layers. Over time, the skin loses the stored collagen and the elasticity decreases: Wrinkles develop. Laser treatment is ultimately based on the rebuilding of the skin’s collagen layer.

How lasting is the result of a laser facelift?

After the actual treatment, the skin continues to improve over the coming weeks due to the boosted collagen production. The optimal result of skin rejuvenation is achieved after approximately three months. In contrast to a surgical facelift, the skin does not sag again immediately after the end of the treatment. However, the new skin exposed by the abrasion is subject to normal aging processes.

Adequate aftercare, such as avoiding heavy UV exposure or caring for the skin with fatty and moisturizing creams, allows the results to be enjoyed for longer. On average, depending on lifestyle and skin condition, the results of a successful facelift with laser will last between eight and ten years. Since the skin itself does not bear any damage from the treatment and there are no scars, the treatment can be repeated as often as necessary.

Advantages over other methods

The biggest advantage of laser facelift is the minimally invasive nature of the therapy. There are no scars or other risks. In addition to smoothing, there is a lasting rejuvenation of the skin. Disturbing lip wrinkles can also be minimized by the procedure.

Unlike previous procedures, no red or brown spots remain on the face as a result of the treatment. Capillaries remain intact, while pain development is kept in check. The laser used in Dr. Bernard’s practice for laser facelift senses the smallest irregularities in the skin, which allows it to work precisely. It penetrates only as deep into the skin layer as is necessary to achieve the desired result.