How good is the quality of silicone implants?

Silicone implants have now been around for about 70 years. Since then, silicone implants, which are inserted into the breast during breast augmentation, have been the subject of criticism. Breast implants have been repeatedly accused of negatively affecting the health of their wearers and even causing cancer. In 2018, for example, the published Spiegel published an article criticizing information deficiencies and lax testing of implants. Thus, according to Spiegel reports due to faulty or low-quality silicone implants have increased significantly in the last 10 years. In addition, the publisher complains that patients are not informed enough about the risks, also because there is no database for the quality of the implants.

In fact, the reality is quite different

In Germany, silicone implants are comprehensively tested by various certification bodies, such as TÜV. The controls are much stricter and more extensive than in the USA, for example, so that patients do not have to worry about inferior implants in this country. In addition, products that have already been approved are also regularly inspected. Last but not least, the practice for plastic surgery Dr. Bernard chooses exclusively high quality implants to ensure optimal quality and safety for patients.

Dr. Bernard’s choice of implants is based on the patient’s individual physical requirements and desired outcome. The implants are selected in their Shape and its Size as well as their Volume adapted to the patient’s body. The skin elasticity and the amount of the patient’s own breast tissue and its characteristics play a decisive role in the size of the implant.

Since the 1980s, Germany has also had a database in which the silicone implants and their parameters as well as the implant patients are listed. are listed. The background for the creation of such databases was primarily to collect information about the success of implants. Over time, it has become apparent that database can play an important role in recording problems with implants. The registries are particularly relevant for physicians and manufacturers, but also for patients or students. For this, many registries still need to be “rethought” as they are unavailable or incomprehensible to patients. In the future, positive and negative characteristics of implants should also be better recognizable for patients in the registers.

Are silicone implants a concern?

how safe are silicone implants in germany?

Many patients are concerned that silicone could leak from the implant and subsequently harm the body. In the U.S., because of this concern, traditional silicone implants were even replaced for several years with those filled with saline. In the meantime we know that Silicone is naturally present in our bodies in small quantities occurs. For this reason, no poisoning by silicone can take place. In the course of time, there have been experiments with other fillers, such as petrolatum, oil or various hydrogens. However, none of these substances is as suitable a filler for breast implants as silicone.

Silicone breast implants are probably the best-studied foreign bodies, and countless studies have already been conducted on them. With the present state of knowledge, it can be said that Silicone implants are harmless are. Implants that are used today have a high safety and quality standard due to years of research, are offered in different shapes and sizes according to the patient’s wishes, already feel very natural and are sometimes durable for a lifetime. If an implant should become damaged and leak, it is strongly recommended that it be replaced, but this is not a medical emergency.