Hip and chic – dermatologist in Zurich reveals what makes sick

Hip and chic - dermatologist in Zurich reveals what makes sick

Makeup, jewelry and clothing – the dermatologist in Zurich clarifies what makes you sick and which ingredients you should avoid. Because who knows how the ingredients work and what influence they have on our skin can Itching and avoid redness.

Makeup, jewelry and clothing, together with our skin, are the external appearance through which we present ourselves. Accordingly, we invest a lot of thought and time in them. However, it often happens that they have negative effects on the skin.

Following you can read how to avoid such negative effects and what treatments dermatologist in Zurich can perform.

Makeup can accelerate skin aging

Makeup often promises to contain nourishing ingredients. This may also be the case in the cases, but you should still be careful. Because other substances can be harmful to the skin.

Foundations in particular often contain protective particles that are still very effective in the first few hours. However, as they break down over the course of the day, the skin becomes more susceptible to environmental influences. In addition, the likelihood that the pores will enlarge over time increases. Sebaceous glands can consequently become clogged and pimples develop.

In addition, the covering effect of a foundation means that the skin can no longer breathe and loses moisture. This leads to a loss of elasticity of the skin and supports the formation of wrinkles.

Jewelry and its risks for the skin

The ingredients of jewelry are not harmful in most cases. Nevertheless, allergic reactions can be triggered. This is particularly common with Nickel the case. Most patients of dermatologist in Zurich with nickel allergy notice it when wearing earrings. The earlobe flushes and an itching sensation develops.

The reason for this is the contact of the nickel alloy with the slightly acidic sweat that is on the skin. Through it, nickel ions are released from the jewelry and penetrate the skin. The result can be irritation or the development of nickel eczema.

You can easily avoid irritation of the skin by making sure jewelry is nickel-free when you buy it. For treatment of eczema, you should consult a dermatologist in Zurich who will provide customized treatment.

Clothing and itching

Clothing can affect the skin in several ways. For example, if they are too tight, the blood circulation of the skin is affected. Many garments are treated with strong chemicals. The reasons for this are the dyeing, or bleaching of the clothing and the “preservation” for transport and storage.

Azo dyes, softeners and antibacterial substances are used for this purpose. Despite repeated washing, residues can remain in the garments that irritate our skin. In this respect, it is worth buying high-quality products.

But ingredients are not always responsible for visible or painful skin reactions. After all, itching irritations can be intensified by rather scratchy cotton in the case of pre-existing conditions such as neurodermatitis. Which textile is best for you depends on your skin type.

Dermatologist in Zurich helps with irritation of the skin

Certain substances can cause diseases of the skin. In such cases, a dermatologist in Zurich should be consulted to have the condition treated as quickly and professionally as possible. If you have any further questions about contact allergies and skin irritations, you can contact your Dermatologist report.

He is happy to advise them on topics related to the skin. At your dermatologist in Zurich you can also have your skin type determined so that you can enjoy life with a fresher complexion and good fashion in the future.