Help with dark circles

Circles under the eyes are a cosmetic problem that affects many people. The eye area has few fat cells. The skin is very thin, which makes them prone to dark circles under the eyes. The dark, bluish-purple discoloration of the skin areas under the eyes is also referred to in medical terminology as Halonization designated.

It gives sufferers a tired, weary appearance. There are two reasons for dark circles: either the skin itself is excessively colored. Then from Hyperpigmentation spoken of. Or the underlying blood and lymph vessels show through. These are not well supplied with blood and therefore appear so dark. This can also trigger discoloration and is intensified by factors such as lack of sleep or certain diseases.

A unhealthy lifestyle can, just like genetic predisposition have an influence on the degree of dark circles. Several causes are usually involved in the development of dark circles, which must be found out.

First steps for help with dark circles

Treatment of dark circles can be done in two ways. First, an attempt can be made to help the problem by applying Caffeine creams counteract. These promote blood circulation and ensure contraction of the blood vessels. This in turn counteracts discoloration. It should be noted that it is essential to use creams that are expressly approved for use on the eye. Otherwise, allergies, skin irritation and even worsening of dark circles may occur.

It can also be caused by an increased absorption of Vitamin A through nutrition can be achieved a positive effect on the dark circles under the eyes. This substance provides relief from small wrinkles and has a brightening effect. Foods with high vitamin A content are, for example, pumpkins or mangoes.

Generally has a healthy diet a good influence on the facial area. Deficiency symptoms can increase dark circles under the eyes. A high fluid intake promotes blood circulation and can be a simple way to combat dark circles under the eyes.

Also covering the circles under the eyes with the help of Make-up is a popular but time-consuming method. Typical home remedies such as placing used tea bags on the eyes should be avoided, as this can cause allergy. Under no circumstances should hemorrhage cream be applied. This makes the skin thinner in the long run and at best aggravates the problem. The effectiveness of these methods is questionable. Cooling and massages promote blood circulation and can be tried without risk. However, they are only temporary solutions.

If, despite all attempts, there is no improvement in the dark circles, a visit to the doctor should be made in order to exclude chronic diseases or deficiency symptoms as the cause.

Cosmetic procedures without surgery

For an immediately visible and long-lasting elimination of dark circles, cosmetic procedures can be performed. Here have proved to be particularly effective the use of Hyaluronic acid and Botulinum toxinBotox for short, has proven its worth.

Dr. Bernard offers in her practice both the treatment with hyaluronic acid as well as with Botox at. She can draw on many years of experience. Both procedures must be repeated at certain intervals. Before the treatment, there is always a consultation with the specialist.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance which can be injected into the subcutaneous tissue. It gives the skin a younger, firmer appearance through this plumping. An additional effect is that the skin in the treated area appears lighter.

Botox on the other hand, is a nerve toxin that is introduced under the skin in very small amounts. This substance prevents the muscles in the treated area from tightening, which can reduce wrinkles and make the skin appear smoother.