Hatch warts – causes and treatment options

Nipples are primarily there to allow babies to nurse. However, they vary greatly in shape from person to person. The Aesthetics of nipples nowadays plays an increasingly important role in terms of self-confidence of women. The breast and the nipple are a very dominant sexual feature.

Droopy nipples are nipples that have been pulled inward are due to shortened milk ducts. They do not naturally straighten outward again. Hatch warts can be both unilateral and bilateral.

Women who have inverted nipples may suffer from them for years. A small and uncomplicated procedure can treat the hernias.

How do inverted nipples develop?

An inverted nipple is a congenital defectwhich can usually only be eliminated surgically. The connective tissue strands and the milk ducts are sometimes severely shortened in this form of nipple.

There are three different levels of lollipop warts:

  • At Level 1 the slip nipple already emerges when irritation occurs.
  • In Stage 2 pressure must already be applied for the nipple to emerge.
  • At Level 3 the nipples are so fused to the tissue that they cannot emerge at all.

Girls at puberty often suffer from inverted nipples, but they correct themselves over time as the shape of the breasts changes.

Although inverted nipples are more of a aesthetic flaw Although the nipples are not an aesthetic defect and in most cases do not interfere with breastfeeding, they can also cause other diseases. The inwardly directed nipples ensure that a cavity is formed, which can be difficult to clean is. As a result, the mammary gland may become inflamed due to the accumulation of bacteria.

However, if the hatch nipple forms over time, it can also be a Sign of breast cancer can be. This should definitely be clarified by a doctor.

How can inverted nipples be treated?

In order to get rid of hiatal warts, there are usually. two different methods, the conservative method and the correction of the malformation by surgery.

Conservative methods

One possibility of the conservative method is the Massage, which is used to loosen the tissues. The massage should be practiced several times a day to achieve success. However, the massages are promising only for mild forms.

A Piercing can also be used for mild forms of inverted nipples. Through the piercing the nipple is pulled out and held on the outside. This method is offered in clinics under local anesthesia.

A Nipple Shaper, also called a nipple shaper, is considered the best option by most surgeons. A mold is placed on the nipple and negative pressure is applied by means of a tube so that the connective tissue and milk ducts are stretched.

The formers should be placed on the nipple for about eight hours a day for a period of three to six months. They can be easily hidden under a bra and do not cause any pain. If the problem does not resolve after this period, there is also the option of surgery.

Surgical methods

At not interfere with future breastfeeding in young women, a method is often chosen which spares the milk ducts. In this variant, only the shortened connective tissue structures along the milk ducts are loosened. However, the result is often not completely satisfactory.

Another, more promising method is the Cutting the milk ducts and the connective tissue fibers. Thereupon, the nipple straightens outwards so that it can be fixed there with sutures.

Dr. Martha Bernard, a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, performs this operation on an outpatient basis in her practice. She believes that conservative therapies lead to success in very few cases. “The only long-term and goal-oriented method of correcting drooping warts is to correct them surgically.”, advises Dr. Martha Bernard.

Negative consequences usually do not occur after this relatively uncomplicated operation. Partially, however, can Sensory disturbances or the loss of the ability to breastfeed. may be associated with the procedure. A detailed consultation about possible impairments after the operation are therefore absolutely necessary. After the operation, a fixed bra should be avoided for about two to three weeks to relieve the nipples.