Hallux valgus – a woman’s problem

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Women and shoes – mostly a love story. On average, women have around 25 pairs, most of them sexy and stylish rather than comfortable and foot-friendly. Unfortunately, feet don’t like high heels very much, which is one reason why women in particular are affected by so-called bunions, or hallux valgus in medical terms. What can you do about it?

Whether by Manolo Blahnik or Sergio Rossi – the latest high heels look seductive. However, it doesn’t look very erotic if the feet that are stuck in the fancy shoes have unsightly deformities – such as a noticeable bunion. About every third woman has this problem.

There are various causes for the development of hallux valgus. “On the one hand, this is the genetic predisposition and a loose connective tissue. If pointed, tight and high shoes are then worn, the big toe can become deformed,” explains Swiss physician Dr. Christian Larsen. Who brings along this disposition, should wear therefore too high heels (more than three, four centimeters) only occasionally. Too close and too pointed shoes are against it completely taboo. If the big toe is constantly pressed against the others and they push over each other, ugly hammer toes often develop in addition,” explains Dr. Larsen. But obesity, frequent standing, and chronic incorrect stresses also promote hallux valgus.

Fit feet despite hallux valgus

“Unfortunately, more and more often young women come to my practice and usually only when they are already in pain. A hallux valgus does not develop overnight, it is almost always preceded by a so-called splayfoot. Fortunately, you can do a lot to prevent it,” says Dr. Larsen. For example, you should give your feet a break as often as possible by walking barefoot. And exercise the feet regularly, for which the Swiss doctor has developed a special workout. Based on the fact that muscles, ligaments and tendons in the body are arranged in a spiral, Larsen developed what is known as spiral dynamics, a 3-D training program that corrects movement errors and balances incorrect stresses. If the latter were recognized in time, surgery could be avoided, in line with his motto: “Training instead of surgery” – exercises on this can be found in the book: “Gut zu Fuß ein Leben lang” by Dr. Larsen, Trias Verlag.

Topical: the right shoes

Even more important for sufferers, however, is wearing the right shoes. And these are now available from the new shoe brand “LaShoe”. The idea behind the innovative brand is as simple as it is ingenious: comfortable and at the same time top-modern, beautiful shoes that offer special comfort for feet with hallux valgus. For this purpose, the extra soft and elastic leather is stretched and padded in a complex manufacturing process so that it flexibly yields in the sensitive areas in the ball and toe area without losing its shape. The shoe virtually hugs the foot and at the same time protects against pressure points and pain.

“We defined a clear goal when developing our collection: Trendy shoes with a feel-good factor for women with hallux valgus and sensitive feet. And for all other women who simply want to walk through life beautifully and especially comfortably,” explains Claudia Dillenberger, managing director of LaShoe. The diverse collection of shoes made in Europe in trendy looks is available in the company’s own online store: www.lashoe.de.

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