Hairdresser closed! How to properly care for the hair?

Corona is currently causing a state of emergency not only in, but also on German heads. The reason: all hair salons are closed. Corona and the hairstyle. How to properly care for the hair?

Will a “bad hair day” now turn into “bad hair” weeks? “That doesn’t have to be the case at all” explains Jörg Wilken, owner of a hairdressing salon with a long tradition on Langeoog and the brains behind the “genuine haircare” brand. Claim of the brand: “Salon quality for your daily hair care”. So now it’s time to care for your hair properly. Who better to ask than the hair professional from Langeoog: How do you bring the salon into your own bathroom?

You have not only been successful with your salon on the East Frisian island for 40 years, continuing the family tradition. You have also been on the road internationally as a coach and have conducted countless salon training courses.

How to properly care for the hair?

I have always seen my job as solving the problems of my customers. This was and still is the main motivation for developing my own product line, which is available exclusively from me in the salon or in the internet store. The products are designed to provide a solution for every hair problem – even now in the Corona crisis.

How exactly did the products come about?

Five years ago, I made the decision to develop innovative products together with my customers. That is, I asked my customers about their wishes and demands for shampoos, conditioners or hair masks that work well and then invested two years of time and all my money to realize “genuine haircare”.”

What does the brand name mean?

Genuine means as much as authentic. Anyone who knows me knows that authenticity is particularly close to my heart.

How many products are there and what is special?

Professional products for the end consumer were created. That’s why you can virtually bring the hairdressing salon into your own bathroom. We spent a long time fine-tuning every detail: the bottles are narrow because there is little space on most shower shelves, the surface is rough and therefore non-slip, hair treatments are not in impractical jars but in airless dispensers – the list could go on.

And the ingredients?

Of course, we do not use parabens, silicones or animal testing, and instead rely on highly effective ingredients with primarily natural substances.

What can you do for your hair in your own bathroom now?

Care, care, care! If now four to six weeks the tips are not cut they need special care. Many hairs are also particularly dry and brittle after the winter. Just like the skin, they need a lot of moisture at the moment, such as “Volume & Shine” with urea, which moisturizes for up to 72 hours (250ml, 22 euros). From the inside, “Volume & Shine Leave-in Conditioner” builds up the hair (150ml, 28 euros) and who also has little time now: “My Secret Quicky Mask” (100ml, 28 euros) nourishes the hair in just 60 seconds quite intensively.

But many people have a lot of time right now, what can they do?

We also have wonderful masks to leave on for 10 minutes or products that protect hair color (eg “Color Preserve Mask”, 100ml 28 euros).

Do you also have a styling tip Bad hair days?

When the cut has grown out simply use more styling product (e.g. “White Sands Mousse”, 300ml, 25 euros). After washing, apply styling product and comb through hair only when it is dry. It is best to use a coarse comb for this.

And her vision for the future?

Of course, I wish us all to come through the crisis healthy and as unscathed as possible. I will stay true to my motto and take my customers’ wishes seriously and use them to gather ideas for new products.

Photos: PR