Hair sends signals- Are blondes preferred?

Beautiful hair puts us in a good mood, a “bad hair day” can spoil the mood. Hair is an expression of our personality. Whether we feel good or would prefer to curl up depends not least on our hairstyle. Hair sends signals and is also a mirror of the soul. A hairy relationship…

Man and his hair, that is an intense, but by no means conflict-free relationship, which is decided anew every morning in front of the bathroom mirror. Those who have a natural frizz will do anything to make their hair as smooth as a chive. Straight hair, on the other hand, is given a curly shape using elaborate techniques. Is the effort worth it?

It certainly is! Because how someone is perceived depends quite decisively on the condition of their hair. Every hairstyle, every styling sends out psychological signals and reveals something about the respective person. The personality psychologist Reinhold Bergler has investigated this connection most thoroughly in his “hair language studies”. According to these studies, hair is a key stimulus for first impressions: in a fraction of a second, when people meet a stranger, they scan his or her face, clothing and hair. 70 percent of men find a woman’s hair important compared to other visual stimuli, and the percentage is even higher for women. According to Bergler, judging a person by the condition of his hair even goes so far that men think they can tell from a woman’s hair whether she is intelligent, quarrelsome or compatible, performance-oriented or enjoys pleasure. Here, however, men overestimate themselves with their everyday psychology, according to Bergler.

Hair tells stories

American psychologist Marianne LaFrance of Yale University has found how hair color and styling become storytellers: Women with long, blond, straight hair are the most erotic, well-mannered, and wealthy, according to the study participants’ assessment. While the type of woman with medium-length, dark hair was at least considered to be carefree and altruistic, the representatives of long, dark curly hair came off consistently worse: they seemed the most unintelligent and least self-confident.

Blondes have more sex

So does the motto: blondes preferred really still apply today? “Yes, these traditional ideas and prejudices persist,” explains Bergler. A study by the University of Bochum brought to light that blond women get far more responses in personal ads than dark-haired women. And a study from the U.S. even claims that they have sex more often, and a field test in southern Germany showed that blondes are helped more quickly in the event of car breakdowns.

The fact that hair sends signals is of course also used quite deliberately. After all, hairstyle and styling are also about what you want to express with your hair. For example, anyone who has their long mane sheared into a razor-short mop of hair, or who overdyes natural blonde red, has usually had a serious cut in their life, this an observation among hairdressers. “In fact, many people mark a cut in their lives also with a new haircut,” explains Munich hairdresser and hair specialist Manfred Kraft.

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