Hair removal – The agony of choice

On average, a woman begins her first battles against the incipient hair growth on her body at the age of about ten to fifteen. Stubble on the legs or under the armpits should disappear as quickly as possible and reaching for the razor becomes a permanent task.

At the age of twenty-five, she has already tried almost every method of hair removal. With what success?
Shave often leads to red pimples and can be quite costly and time-consuming. The smooth result is far too quickly passé. This is because the hair is not removed in depth, but only “cut off” superficially. Grabbing it by the root and pulling it out as a whole makes sense. This is known to work via Adhesive strips of wax or sugar paste, with a Epilator or by means of Depilatory cream.

The market seems overflowing with new products and methods that promise to make skin feel smooth. Depending on time, cost, tolerance and other circumstances, some of these methods may seem more and some less useful.

Classic Methods

Well, the first two alternatives usually turn out to be quite painful. Whereas the choice of a modern epilator can possibly lower the pain level significantly. Also, with time, the body gets used to just this level of pain. The biggest disadvantage of this method is the inevitable regrowth of stubble. These must have a certain length in order to be grippy for a renewed removal. In addition, there is the same risk as with shaving. By mechanically pulling out the entire Hair shaft could be the entire Hair Channel can be damaged. Under certain circumstances and in the case of poor hygiene, unpleasant inflammations or pimples can arise from this (Folliculitis).

The length of the stubble does not matter to the depilatory cream. There is no mechanical tearing here either. The active ingredient of the cream destroys the Protein structure of the hair, which then falls off. The only risk: Toxic or allergic accompanying reactions can accompany it and cause unpleasant skin rashes. A previous test on a non-visible area, can be quite helpful and protect against major problems.

No matter which method a woman chooses, she rightly fears more vigorous stubble regrowth, skin irritation and time-consuming ordeals in regular Intervals.

Are we really alone in this? No, it’s not just women who suffer from stubbly legs, wildly proliferating growth in sensitive areas or even individual hairs in completely inappropriate places.

Also more and more Men want less hair or none at all on certain parts of their bodies. Chests and backs, for example, are now considered well-groomed if they are not covered by a thick mat. Eyebrows also appear more harmonious if they do not appear intertwined.

Precisely for this reason, can now be remedied in a simple and long-term way. The most effective proves to be the gentle and painless Effect of light. Exactly to the hair!

Hair removal with the laser – Modern innovation

Correct “Lasering” is too ambitious a term. With the new, already quite well-known IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) method suffices light energy specifically tailored to the hair and skin type. It is absorbed by the hair and absorbed into the Root led. This destroys them energetically. A suitable device is even available for private use at home.

However, the team at Dr. Bernard’s practice goes one step further: BBL (Broad Band Light) is the name of the advanced concept that already achieves unparalleled results in skin rejuvenation and acne treatment. Also the Hair growth can be achieved by regular treatment according to this method significantly reduced can be achieved. In addition, it spares the skin from unnecessary chemical bombs or rough mechanical irritation during hair removal with the laser, which could possibly lead to a violent inflammatory reaction.

Talk to Dr. Bernard candidly about your hairy problem areas and let her explain the uniqueness of laser hair removal during a personal and confidential consultation. She plans the treatment individually and frees you in the long run from a hairy Matter.