Hair removal – how long lasting are creams and razors really?

There are felt countless options for hair removal. Finding the right method for yourself is not as easy as it seems. Especially since there are always advantages and disadvantages. Also important are the result and the duration of smooth legs, armpits and the intimate area. At the same time, hair removal is a big, important topic for some people, but not (anymore) for others. There is a lot of discussion – about the necessity of hair removal, expectations and exemplary ideal images. But the fact is that at least the majority of women still attach importance to removing their hair regularly and as thoroughly as possible from their legs, under their arms and in the intimate area. Many men also prefer to be hairless on themselves. Now, as already mentioned, there are many options for smooth, hairless skin: these range from classic shaving, epilating and waxing to sugaring or the use of depilatory creams.


Shaving off unwanted hair on the body is probably the most popular method. It is suitable for all regions, both the legs and the intimate area and under the arms. Shaving goes with the classic razor with blade or with electric razors. The method is very suitable for all normal skin types. People with sensitive or dry skin will rather have their difficulties. Nevertheless, the advantages of shaving are obvious: it is easy, fast and painless. But the blades must be regularly sharpened or repurchased and not infrequently include at least temporarily skin irritation, shaving pimples or small cuts to the risks of shaving. In addition, the hair grows back much too quickly, because the razor only cuts the hair above the skin surface.

Depilatory creams:

Depilatory creams usually work with chemical agents based on sulfur. The creams loosen the hair roots and the hair falls out. The cream is simply applied, must act briefly and the hair can be stripped. The creams are suitable for insensitive skin types. However, not all creams always work so flawlessly and often hair remains where it is. Although the method is very simple, uncomplicated and painless. Also, the result lasts longer than shaving. But the creams are not suitable for all body hair and the cost is usually also very high.


The word alone initially causes pain for many people. During epilation, the body hair is pulled out at its roots by tiny rotating tweezers. The epilator must be moved slowly over the hairy area. For people with insensitive skin, this is no problem. But epilating irritates the skin and, moreover, the hairs must first reach a certain length for the device to work. The device can be applied to areas that are less sensitive to pain, such as the legs. In the intimate area and under the arms it becomes more painful. However, one advantage is the long-lasting effect. The hair grows back more slowly, usually only after about four weeks, and also becomes finer over time.

Waxing and sugaring:

Waxing and sugaring work in roughly the same way. With the help of wax or a sugar paste, the hair is pulled out against its direction of growth. Since the hair is pulled out with the root, the smoothness lasts for several weeks. A disadvantage, however, is the pain and possible skin irritation. At the same time, sugaring is also suitable for sensitive skin types and allergy sufferers due to the natural ingredients. Sugaring is considered to be slightly gentler than waxing. However, both are quite expensive.

The hair removal with laser

An increasingly popular method of permanent (!) hair removal is laser therapy, preferably with BBl, the Broad Band Light System. This may be more costly and time consuming, but it lasts for several years. Plus, it works painlessly for the most part. At Dr. Bernard’s practice in Munich, permanent laser hair removal is offered with Sciton’s BBL system. The highly concentrated, pulsed and filtered light gets into the hair pigment melanin in the hair roots. The cell structures of the hair roots are attacked and destroyed by the heating effect of the light. Undesirable damage to the skin is not possible, as the method is very gentle. In addition, the hair roots are obliterated by the heat, so that new hair cannot grow back for the time being. This effect lasts up to several years. Hair removal using BBL is suitable for any body hair and takes place on an outpatient basis without anesthesia. Dr. Bernard will be happy to inform her patients in more detail about the method in a non-binding, personal consultation in Munich.