Gummy smile correction with Botox

There is nothing as appealing as an open smile. But what if the smile is too open because the upper lip pulls up too high and generously exposes the gums? And what if those affected are therefore afraid to laugh carefree in public? Botox can offer a promising solution to this problem, which is known in specialist circles as gummy smile. With it, you can show your teeth to the gummy smile in a relaxed way…

Patients who were already annoyed in their school days by classmates who mocked them as “horse teeth” and who have since then coyly held their hand in front of their mouth whenever life gives them a wonderful opportunity to laugh can breathe a sigh of relief. No one has to suffer from the Gummy Smile anymore.

With a small injection, the problem of too much gum showing when laughing can be significantly lessened or even eliminated altogether. Dr. Darius Alamouti, dermatologist and aesthetic physician at the Haranni Clinic in Herne, Germany, sheds light on the background: “We always speak of the so-called gum smile when the relationship between the teeth, gums and upper lip is imbalanced.” This means that the contour of the upper lip rises above the gum line when smiling.

Gummy smile adé

The medical profession normally speaks of a finding when the upper lip is raised more than about 3 millimeters above the gum line. If the gum smile is particularly pronounced, excessive gum can often be seen even when the mouth is only slightly open. In most cases, the cause is excess gum: too much gum then unusually covers a large part of the tooth. Too short an upper lip, overdevelopment of the elevator muscle or an adhesion of the upper lip and gums can also make the gums visible even when the mouth is closed and disturb the affected person’s sense of beauty. But medical indications such as chronic gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), can also be the cause of a gummy smile.

How Botox helps against the gummy smile

“Fortunately, there is a good treatment option with botulinum,” explains Dr. Alamouti. In this procedure, Botox relaxes the mouth and elevator muscle of the upper lip so that the lip pulls up less, exposing less gum. Complexities in smiling and also in speaking are a thing of the past for the patient a short time after the treatments. The patient can once again laugh in public to his heart’s content, uninhibited and liberated, and in this way figuratively show his teeth to the “too big smile”. The cost of the treatment, which can then last for a period of up to six months, is about 75 euros.

Good to know: with age, the lip loses elasticity anyway and automatically becomes longer. So under certain circumstances, the problem can also resolve itself. More at under the heading “Wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin A – Botox”.

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