Grape cosmetics against free radicals

Grapes are true all-round talents in terms of anti-aging! They keep the immune system on its toes, protect cells, activate the nervous system and sharpen short-term memory. Grapes contain all B vitamins (except B12), they are rich in vitamin C and are full of minerals. Beauty specialists have found out how grape cosmetics protect against free radicals and how the small fruits can be effectively used for creams, lotions and serums.

For example, a natural cell protector comes from the skin. The green and blue skins of grapes contain valuable flavonoids, which is why grape cosmetics protect against free radicals. Similar to vitamin E, C and selenium, flavonoids can also bind cell-destroying free radicals to themselves in the human organism and thus render them harmless. Cosmetic companies like assambeauty take advantage of this fact. Plant flavonoids in creams and masks are said to protect against premature skin aging thanks to their antioxidant power.

The seeds also contain plenty of beauty power, such as the valuable secondary plant compounds OPC. Grapes soak up warm sun rays until late in the fall and form important nutrients to strengthen their seeds (pips). Grape seed oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and provides the skin with an extra portion of moisture, ensures more elasticity and tone. According to the latest studies, secondary plant substances, so-called polyphenols, are true wonder weapons in the fight for eternal youth.

Scientific results

Researchers at the Baylor Center in Houston, Texas, have even found that polyphenol can protect against Parkinson’s disease. In creams and lotions, the plant substances ensure that cell metabolism functions better and tissues are tightened.

The sweet inside of the fruit provides abundant vitamins and enzymes, as well as minerals (magnesium, calcium, potassium) and trace elements (selenium, zinc, iron manganese). This cocktail is responsible in creams for improving the overall energy metabolism of the skin. Gentle fruit acids boost cell production, free the skin from dead horny scales and smooth out small wrinkles.

Grape cosmetics against free radicals

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