Go or no go – wrinkle treatment for men

Stress, joy, anger, sleeplessness: life always leaves its traces, which, especially after a certain age, also show on our face. Many people therefore rely on aesthetic treatments with muscle relaxants to maintain a young and fresh look for as long as possible.

Anti-aging with the help of muscle relaxants is particularly popular among women. But more and more men are also turning to the active ingredient to give unwelcome wrinkles the boot. After all, concern for one’s own appearance is not a gender-specific characteristic.


The fact that men also openly admit to their wrinkle treatments is now commonplace, especially in the USA. The so-called “Brotox” has established itself as the latest trend. The fact that more and more men are having themselves treated with muscle relaxants is simply what the term means. But are there actually differences between men and women in the injection with muscle relaxant? With regard to the substance as well as the motivation, there are no differences in the treatment. However, it is good to know that male skin is in most cases significantly firmer and up to one fifth thicker than that of a woman. Furthermore, the connective tissue is also more pronounced in men and both sweat glands and sebaceous glands, hair and blood vessels are present in greater numbers. Only the stronger facial muscles in men play an important role in terms of dosage.


The fact that expression lines are caused by muscular tension is no longer a secret. The fact is that the first wrinkles often appear earlier in men than in women, because the muscle strength and mass of men is usually higher than that of women. With the help of a treatment with muscle relaxant, certain areas of the face, such as the forehead, frown lines or crow’s feet can be temporarily smoothed. However, the injection should be repeated at regular intervals to achieve a long-term result.


Not only can the agent be used in aesthetic applications, but it can also help with certain medical problems. For example, treatment of the armpits can stop excessive sweating, and injecting muscle relaxant into the masseter muscle area can also provide relief from nighttime teeth grinding (bruxism). In some cases, Facial Slimming with muscle relaxant has even been reported to relieve symptoms of migraine.

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