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Just about everyone wants to look radiantly beautiful. No wonder that the hype about the glow effect on the skin is more present than ever before. What is behind the complexion trend and how do you achieve a lasting glow on the skin?

Young skin glows on its own. It is optimally moisturized, smooth and flexible. As a result, it has a completely natural glow. The desire for this glow effect can also be scientifically justified. Dermatologist Dr. Patricia Ogilvie (Skin Concept dermatology practice, Munich) explains, “It is known from attractiveness research that people have a perceptual sense of healthy skin that is primarily determined by radiance and evenness.” But what to do when the skin is getting on in years and is no longer sufficiently moisturized in all its layers?

The market with products that conjure up light-reflecting pigments on the skin is growing. There are now make-ups, powders, fluids, peelings and toners on the subject. Unfortunately, however, the glow effect produced by these products is only short-lived and is gone at the latest after removing makeup. Those who want to look permanently more radiant now have the opportunity to achieve this effect with a specially developed hyaluronic acid1 to reach.

What distinguishes the new hyaluronic acid product Juvéderm® Volite from other fillers? The international pharmaceutical company Allergan began developing the product five years ago and has conducted clinical studies on it.2-5 Among other things, the moisture of the skin was measured in different skin levels over months. The RESULT is impressive: The skin is sustainably moisturized down to deep layers, it appears revitalized and plump, has fewer wrinkles, and the overall appearance of the skin is more even.6-8

Skin-Juvénizer with patented technology

These effects succeed thanks to a special, patented technology. This makes it possible to develop very short- and long-chain hyaluronic acid molecules that can be effectively cross-linked. As a result, the hyaluronic acid is distributed evenly in the tissue, enabling particularly harmonious and natural results.

“This is exactly in line with the current mega-trend in aesthetic medicine. Naturalness and skin quality are increasingly the focus of aesthetic treatments,” explains Dr. Ogilvie. And how exactly is Juvéderm® Volite applied? “Microdrops are injected at intervals of about one centimeter,” she says. And further, “The product contains the local anesthetic lidocaine to minimize pain. Sometimes I cool the area of skin to be treated with ice packs, then the risk of small bruises is minimized.”

The Skin-Juvénizer can be used on the face, hands, neck and décolleté.9 One application can act up to 9 months.6

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