Gloriously beautiful with Botox and fillers

Men are now really pushing the envelope when it comes to beauty: They go to the day spa, manicure, pedicure, of course. Plus an anti-stress mask, relaxing massage or peeling. What was frowned upon a decade ago is now a regular fixture on many men’s schedules. But what’s more, they are increasingly going to the beauty doctor. They now take a very self-critical look at themselves and know that muscle peaks and thinking foreheads alone will keep them in life.

Surveys and market studies confirm: a new age has dawned for men. They look at themselves meanwhile very self-critically and know that alone muscle plays and Denkerstirn do not bring them in the life further. It is well known that both professional and private success is also influenced by outward appearance. Therefore, it is not surprising that a treatment by an aesthetic dermatologist is seen as an investment in one’s own stock. This is also confirmed by dermatologist Dr. Darius Alamouti.

Leading the list of treatments, as with the female gender, are Botox and filler treatments for wrinkles and volume loss in the face. “And there’s a lot that can be done” explains Dr. Darius Alamouti, who is increasingly treating male patients at Haranni Clinic. Here are his recommendations for a male “liquid lift.”

Open look with Botox and fillers

Slightly sunken eyebrows can be raised again in a natural and uncomplicated way by placing a small gel depot of a filler underneath the outgoing edge of the eyebrow. A Botox injection has a supporting effect. The look immediately appears fresh and more open-minded again.

Expressive cheeks

A striking, typically masculine cheek area can be achieved by modeling with hyaluronic acid. A positive side effect: facial features that have sagged slightly due to the aging process are tightened again by this “liquid lifting”.

Distinctive chin

A prominent, slightly angular chin is particularly important for an attractive male face. Here, too, striking modeling is very possible with fillers.

Nasolabial folds

A common problem of strong male facial expressions – deep wrinkles that dig in from the wings of the nose downwards. Fillers can be used to fill them perfectly. Studies prove that with regular use, less and less material is needed.

Smooth forehead

For a smooth forehead, it is advisable to first use botolinum toxin A to get the horizontal wrinkles under control. Afterwards, frown lines, for example, can be injected with fillers.

Lead photo: Shutterstock