Glitz and glamour: Insta-beauties can’t get enough of these treatments!

The platform of flawless beauty: Instagram. With striking cheeks, even skin and perfectly rosy lips, the famous Insta-beauties shine. But beware: on Instagram in particular, all that glitters is not always gold!

More and more Instagram celebrities admit that they have undergone beauty treatments, showing us that even the most beautiful of beauties like to help themselves sometimes. We reveal which four TOP treatments even the Insta-beauties can’t keep their hands off!

Lipfiller Check: Full lips are in trend

Full lips á la Angelina Jolie: the dream of all women. Beautiful, full lips were already in the trend in the past, but they were not predetermined for everyone. Today, however, it is no longer impossible for anyone, even for the narrow lips, like Kylie Jenner this dream is now within reach. But how is this possible? The answer is hyaluron! Who still has the idea that a treatment of the lips with hyaluron causes inflatable boat lips or duckfaces, should be disabused. Due to the continuous development of injection techniques, lips that are well-shaped and harmonize with the face can now be the result of such a treatment. The natural features of the lips can be preserved at any time and provide the perfect Insta-kissed mouth.

Radiant skin without soft focus and filters

A desire we all have: flawless skin without pimples, wrinkles or redness. The recognition feature of all Insta-beauties. The miracle cure, which is also resorted to in terms of flawless skin by the Beauties, is called: hyaluron. Whether in creams, vials or with a syringe directly under the skin – the moisture-binding effect of hyaluron plumps up the skin from the inside and makes it shine.

Cheeks á la Instagram: How it works

That certain something on the face: prominent cheeks. Especially the Insta-Beauties take the trend of prominent cheeks very seriously to give the face more contour and definition. However, the beauties also help here with a cheek augmentation. This involves injecting hyaluronic acid specifically into the cheeks, giving them more fullness and contour. For the complete Insta-look, only bronzer and a little highlighter must now be applied and the pictures can be taken.

Angular becomes narrow: face narrowing with muscle relaxant

The ideal of many women: an oval face shape with defined but feminine contours. Strong chewing muscles, either naturally present or caused by chewing gum and grinding teeth, often get in the way of the dream of an oval face shape. Treating the masticatory muscle with muscle relaxants to reduce teeth grinding is known to many. But what many do not know is that the injection of the relaxing agent into the masseter muscle has a slimming effect on it. So-called facial slimming with muscle relaxants is not only trendy among Insta-beauties, but is also regularly performed by stars such as Olivia Culpo or Shay Mitchell.