Give Your Skin A Boost(er) – 5 Tricks for a Radiant Complexion

What do you have to do to get a permanently beautiful and clear skin? This is a question we have probably all dealt with at one time or another. Even though skin is known to be the mirror of our health, more and more people are struggling with deep acne scars, oily, blemished or dry skin.

Due to the multitude of tips about skin on the Internet, it often happens that you no longer know what to listen to at all. We reveal the most basic tips that help to permanently improve the appearance of the skin.

#1 Water, water, water

The real secret behind beautiful skin is adequate water intake. Even though this is actually an obvious aspect, it is important to keep pointing it out because very many people do not consume enough fluids. In addition to its function as a cooling and transport medium in the body, water gives the skin a natural glow. It prevents the skin from shrinking and thus keeps it looking youthful for longer. To achieve an improvement in skin quality, one should drink at least two liters of water per day.

#2 Beauty Routine

Quality over quantity is the motto when it comes to skin care products. Thus, our skin is influenced by both internal and external factors. Accordingly, using high-quality skin care products is extremely important. Since the skin is stressed by a frequent change of care products, it is also advantageous to create a personal care routine, which is maintained in the long term.

#3 It’s the inner values that count!

Our own lifestyle habits are crucial for the appearance of our skin. Thus, a diet that is too unhealthy, too salty or even too sweet is directly reflected in our skin, resulting in a tired and also older overall appearance. If you avoid high-glycemic foods (carbohydrate density) such as sugar, white bread, dairy products and whole milk chocolate as much as possible, you can avoid these effects. Sugary and alcoholic beverages are also not beneficial for the skin, as they lead to increased sebum production and thus harm the skin.

#4 Daily cleansing is the be-all and end-all

Most people love makeup, but the skin does not. Since wearing makeup prevents the skin from breathing and increases the formation of clogged pores, it is extremely important to give the skin breaks from time to time. To avoid skin irritation, makeup residues should be removed every evening with a cleansing product. Our recommendation: The Clean Gentle Cleansing Foam from M1 Select! In addition to daily cleansing, a makeup-free day should be set up at least once a week to give the skin time to recover. Also, the regular cleaning of the beauty tools should not be forgotten, as these are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which should be avoided at all costs.

#5 Signs of the past

There you are just glad that puberty and the times of impure skin are finally behind you, but the annoying residues of the past unfortunately do not disappear so easily. Thus, more and more people have to fight with acne scars, which you can not get rid of so easily. In most cases, only a doctor can provide relief. Hyaluronic acid treatments have proven to be a particularly effective and helpful therapy. In addition, the skin is supplied with moisture from the inside, which results in a natural glow.

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