Getting older? No problem with these tips

Isn’t it all of our dream regardless of age to look good and feel young and vital? Besides gray hair and poor eyesight, there are one or two things that simply change with age. Small wrinkles adorn the body and the skin seems less and less firm.

We’ve picked out tips to help you age in style:

#1 SKIN CARE – The be-all and end-all for a vital appearance.

More is more? Wrong – less is more. When it comes to skin care, rely on three products above all: Sunscreen, a retinoid product and a moisturizer.
A combination of sunscreen and moisturizer is the foundation for youthful, firm, glowing skin. Retinoid creams counteract the formation of wrinkles due to the vitamin A they contain and stimulates the skin.
The creams also work on the hands and neck! The care routine should therefore also be applied here to prevent age spots and wrinkles.

#2 NUTRITION – Firm and pure skin through a healthy diet.

A healthy lifestyle is fundamental to keep the body looking young and radiant. Especially foods with a lot of sugar, cigarettes and alcohol should be avoided in order to slow down the aging process and create a foundation for clear skin. Declare war on wrinkles by eating a healthy diet. In particular, fish, nuts, healthy oils, fruits and vegetables contribute to this. More nutrition tips for slow aging can be found here. (Link last blog)

#3 EXERCISE – Staying at the youthful level.

Go for a walk, or take a spin on your bike: Regular exercise not only makes you feel fitter, it makes you feel younger! A study shows that older adults who exercise a lot are physiologically at a similar level as younger people. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise is done. The main thing is to feel good!

#4 RELAXATION – Giving the skin (and soul) time to regenerate.

In everyday life, the skin is exposed to many harmful environmental influences against which it must “defend” itself. Especially during sleep or in moments of deep relaxation, the skin has the opportunity to regenerate and “fight” against the pests. A sleep duration of at least 7 hours per night is therefore recommended to give the body and the skin time to regenerate. A trip to the sauna or the yoga studio around the corner also provides the body with opportunities for relaxation.

#4 MAN BLEIBEN SELF – Presenting age with self-confidence

It is very important to stay true to yourself – no matter what age – and not to pretend. Therefore, you should not even try to look the way society demands you to look. Everybody ages. It is quite normal to get gray hair and wrinkles. And isn’t it all the more beautiful to show the world how self-confidently you deal with aging? You should be proud of your age and life experience and radiate that. Because the satisfaction with oneself is always in the highest place.