Get the Glow with Skin Boosters

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What makes us actually look old? Interestingly, it is not primarily wrinkles that write years on our faces. The quality and radiance of the skin is crucial for the first impression. And this can be demonstrably improved with skin boosters based on hyaluron.

The number of tips to preserve one’s youthful appearance is large. They range from so-called super foods and regular facial exercises to yoga and meditation. The program is supplemented by numerous creams, serums or dietary supplements. These certainly contribute to successful anti-aging, as at least 40 percent of lifestyle is involved in how quickly we age. But predisposition also influences who looks young for longer. Can you trick your genes?

The choice of aesthetic concepts is wide and ranges from injections with botulinum toxin to hyaluron fillers and incisive measures. But not everyone wants more volume in the face or opts for a facelift. “With the so-called Restylane skin boosters, it is possible to look up to 12 years younger,” explains Professor Martina Kerscher, who heads the Department of Cosmetic Science at Hamburg University’s Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. “We have proven this in scientific studies.” And how exactly does it work?

“We can use Restylane’s skin boosters to set many small depots with a specially developed, stabilized hyaluron. The hyaluron depots provide the skin with long-lasting moisture in deep layers,” explains dermatologist Dr. Alexandra Ogilvie, who has been using skin boosters in her Munich practice for ten years. Unlike hyaluronic fillers, which are designed for wrinkle injections, facial contouring or more volume, Skinboosters improve skin quality. “Specifically, this means that the skin appears plumper and fresher, pores shrink, and the complexion appears more even and youthful. Wrinkles disappear, the skin surface is smoothed. The result is super natural. Patients look like they just came back from vacation.”

Long-term effect of skin boosters

“The really special thing is that the skin quality also improves in the long term; the final result is visible from about the eighth week and lasts up to nine months,” says Professor Kerscher. As a rule, two to three booster treatments are recommended at intervals of four weeks. The Restylane Skinbooster comes in two versions. Skinbooster Vital is particularly suitable for thicker and light-damaged skin, while Vital Light is recommended for fine, sensitive skin.

The effectiveness as well as the safety of the products have been proven in more than 30 clinical studies. A total of approximately 3.5 million treatments have been performed worldwide. As with all treatments, only specialists should ever be consulted. SIDE EFFECTS may include small bruises, redness and swelling, which usually disappear within a very short time.

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