Get rid of winter fat with cold therapy or liposuction?

Although last year many things were different and Christmas was extraordinary, one thing remained the same: the delicious cookies and the delicious food! There are some in the new year a few kilos more on the scale. How to get rid of this winter fat?

The effect of CoolSculpting cold therapy makes it possible to get rid of winter fat without surgery and downtime – only with cold! How does this non-surgical procedure work? And how do I know whether this method is right for me or whether a classic liposuction would be the optimal solution? Answers to this question are provided by Sonja Sattler, MD, founder of the renowned Rosenpark Clinic in Darmstadt and Bellari Rosenpark in Frankfurt and Hamburg. With her experience of 24 years Rosenpark Clinic, knows what to look for as a patient.

The Christmas season has left its mark and no diet helps. For whom is cold therapy indicated and what can be treated with it?

“Cryolipolysis, a cold therapy, is suitable for anyone who is struggling with problem areas, for example on the hips or inner thighs. For slightly larger areas, such as the abdomen, several treatments are usually needed to freeze all the fat cells. In addition, only fat that can be ‘squeezed’ can be frozen, so this treatment method would not be possible for so-called ‘riding pants’, i.e. fat pads on the outer thighs and buttocks. In itself, cryotherapy is perfectly suitable for smaller areas. However, if you want not only to get rid of winter flab, but to achieve a complete proportion improvement of the body, liposuction (liposuction) is more suitable for this.”

Are the fat cells gone forever after that?

“After puberty, fat cells can no longer duplicate. The number of fat cells in a particular region of the body is then fixed, so to speak. If these fat cells are now frozen, they are gone forever; however, some residual fat cells always remain. By removing fat cells from the treated areas, no more bulges will appear here. But the body still has enough fat cells that will increase to form a pad elsewhere.”

Heat is used in some methods. What is the difference and for whom are these treatments suitable?

“Getting rid of winter fat with heat is a new trend. But it is much more difficult to eliminate fat cells with it. With cold treatment, the fat cell is deprived of blood supply for a certain period of time and dies. Making the cell die by heat treatment is often painful, which is why the two methods cannot be directly compared. In addition, heat has a tissue-shrinking effect rather than a fat-reducing effect, as cold does.”

Does the fat stay off in the long run with this?

“If the destruction of the fat cells with heat treatment is successful, the fat will remain gone permanently. If ‘only’ a better figure appearance has been achieved by shrinking the tissue, the fat cells have not been hit.”

If you want to shape the body as a whole – what are the right methods?

“When there is a desire for overall body sculpting, liposuction, liposuction under tumescent local anesthesia, i.e. without anesthesia, remains the best method. The body is reshaped with good transitions to the remaining tissue. Unfortunately, non-invasive methods such as cold therapy do not achieve this overall result.”

Rosenpark Clinic is internationally known for liposuction, liposuction. How does this procedure work and is there any news about it?

“The Rosenpark Clinic has performed more than 29,000 liposuctions in 2020 with the knowledge of proven and highly experienced specialist Dr. Gerhard Sattler and his team. Tumescent local anesthesia is the key to a good result in this process and has constantly evolved in the 24 years of Rosenpark Clinic. These days, for example, more fluid is used, which provides more safety for the patient and more beautiful, harmonious results.”

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