Get rid of cellulite – but how?

Summer is slowly saying goodbye and with it the topic of high-waist shorts, short skirts and little dresses. Those who have done without them, because unfortunately they could not relax with their weak connective tissue, the dimples, can now do something about it in autumn and winter. How to get rid of cellulite? The next summer is sure to come.

Dr. Sonja Sattler, co-founder of the Rosenpark Clinic in Darmstadt, has been dealing with the topic of beautiful legs for over 23 years. Since its foundation in 1997, the clinic has been a center for body contouring and body skin rejuvenation. Due to her decades of experience and permanent exchange with international colleagues, she knows exactly how to get rid of cellulite, which treatment methods are promising and where technologies or therapy approaches have their limitations. An expert interview.

Getting rid of cellulite – what are the therapeutic approaches in aesthetic medicine?

“There are different forms of cellulite and we distinguish between two forms: Cellulite gluteal, that is, on the buttocks and back of the thighs, is a more genetic cellulite. There the connective tissue fibers are thickened and the skin retracts. This then results in the visible dimple. Otherwise, cellulite, we will now call it orange peel cellulite, can occur anywhere: on the thighs – including the front – and even on the arms. This form of cellulite is much more difficult to treat than the single dimple. It is rather an age-related cellulite. How to get rid of this cellulite?”

“For the individual dimples, we now have treatment options that are also permanent, but for the rest of the skin we have to make use of different technologies and combination therapies, otherwise we won’t do it justice. In most cases, elastosis also plays a major role in the development of cellulite. Elastosis means that the elastic fibers become less in the aging process. The main killer of elastic fibers is UV light. This means that the more you are exposed to UV light, the more UV damage you will have and the thinner your skin will become. And when the skin gets thinner, any cellulite will show up even more. That means always apply UV protection, even on the legs. And if we want to get rid of cellulite, we usually have to do a combination.”

Is it possible to remove cellulite permanently?

“For genetic cellulite, we have the Cellfina device as a therapeutic approach with a really very good 5 years of data by now. So, we can permanently remove these dimples with a standardized subcision with the Cellfina device. Orange peel cellulite, on the other hand, benefits the most when we thicken the skin. That is, if we manage to make the skin thicker. And this can be done quite promisingly with collagen stimulants in combination with radiofrequency, for example, or else with microfocused ultrasound devices.”

What can be done about breeches fat when exercise and diets don’t help?

“You will never get rid of riding pants fat with sports and diets. There is simply “more” fat cells on these riding breeches. This is genetically determined with their number at this point are increased. If you do a lot of exercise, the tissue may tighten, that’s true. Then it may appear a little narrower, but still the number of fat cells in that spot remains the same. Only liposuction can permanently remove riding breeches. Especially the riding breech is not good for non-invasive fat cell changes. So that means cryolipolysis, fat removal with laser or radiofrequency – the riding breech is generally not good for that. It’s a typical region for liposuction.”

Lead photo: Viliman-Viliman