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“Future Trends in Esthetic Medicine & Dentistry” – a promising congress motto for aesthetic medicine. The focus: the beautiful face – and from a holistic perspective. We were there on site.

This year’s annual congress in Lindau was teamwork in the best sense of the word. The joint event of the International Society for Aesthetic Medicine e.V. (IGÄM) and the German Society for Cosmetic Dentistry e.V. (DGKZ) took place for the first time in the brand new Inselhalle on Lake Constance.

The topic “The beautiful face” is started by the psychologist Dr. Lea Höfel. She will be using new studies to demonstrate how important the topic of Aesthetics for success in finding a partner or in a job and emphasizes in her lecture that qualities such as intelligence and health are also linked to the aesthetic impression.

Forever young – the eternally topical subject. The Hamburg dermatologist Dr. Andreas Britz sees in the Thread Lifting the most important trend when it comes to the boom sector of the minimally invasive procedures is going. He assumes that sutures will be in demand in the future just like Botox and Filler.

Aesthetic medicine without risk

In his lecture, the dermatologist emphasizes the importance of thorough sterile covering and sufficient disinfection during the treatments to avoid infections. There should also be enough fatty tissue in the area to be treated so that the cones, the anchors of the sutures, cannot show through.

Particularly interesting is the interdiciplinary view from the point of view of cosmetic Dentistry. That’s why we also report regularly in the “Dental Beauty” section. After all, what good is a youthful, wrinkle-free complexion if the teeth do not look healthy…

For Dr. Voss, who has a practice in Leipzig, color management is therefore at the top of his patients’ consultation list. Skin color, tooth color and eye whites should fit together harmoniously. But also the dental arch, the Lip line are essential for the visual impression. “The shape and length of the incisors shape the facial expression just as much as the eyes and lip shape,” emphasizes Dr. Voss.

And further: “Fortunately, today we have a variety of methods in cosmetic dentistry such as the Reshaping or Bleachings.” From the point of view of the Leipzig dentist, the topic of Gums and gum straightening are becoming increasingly important. “For a positive overall impression, healthy gums are just as important as radiantly beautiful teeth.”

The fact that cosmetic surgery as a whole is a booming business is evidenced by the figures of the IGÄM member survey. According to this, ten years ago, around 500,000 treatments were performed in Germany; in 2017, the number doubled and reached the million mark. Particularly Men have caught up, from around 10 percent 10 years ago to 22 percent in 2017. The leaders among men are Eyelid lifts and Liposuctionfollowed by nose and ear correction.

Among women occupy Breast augmentations still number 1, followed by Lidstaffungen. It is also interesting to note that patients are becoming both younger and, more importantly, older. “The so-called “best agers” (60+) are no longer a rarity in the practices of aesthetic physicians,” explains Dr. Torsten Hartmann, Managing Director of IGÄM.

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Graphics: International Society for Aesthetic Medicine (IGÄM)