Fuller lips with hyaluronic acid – Guidelines for beginners

Full and curved lips thanks to hyaluron – it has been no secret for a long time that lip injections are one of the most popular medical-aesthetic procedures. Tube lips are a thing of the past, because naturalness is the new ideal of beauty. However, even though lip injections with hyaluronic acid are a standardized treatment with relatively few side effects, lip filler newbies in particular should take these four things to heart before their injections so that the dream of full lips does not turn into a nightmare.

Health check before lip injections

Going in for lip injections with a sore throat and runny nose? An absolute NO-GO! A treatment with hyaluronic acid represents an intervention in the body – an intact immune system is the basic prerequisite here. In addition, taking blood-thinning medications such as aspirin also poses a problem for the injections and must therefore be discontinued at least one week before the treatment. Our recommendation: Always take a look at our rules of conduct in advance, in which you will be informed in detail about the Dos and Don’ts before an injection to ensure that your treatment can take place.

With clear ideas to the goal

Proper preparation is half the battle! Before the treatment, it is advantageous, especially in lip injections, to have a clear idea of the result you want to achieve. After all, a lip injection is not just a lip injection! Above all, example pictures of your dream lips are wonderful for facilitating communication between the doctor and you. This gives your doctor a clear idea of what you want and allows him to advise and treat you accordingly.

Don’t be afraid of pain

Yes, it’s true. Injection of the lips provides a certain level of pain. However, this varies from individual to individual. However, many find lip injections less painful than expected. Reason for this: The anesthetic lidocaine, which is already contained in many high-quality hyaluron preparations. This ensures that the lips are numbed after the first injection, so that the injection can be relatively painless. You can request the additional application of an anesthetic cream to make the treatment as pleasant as possible if you have a particularly low tolerance level for pain.

Swelling after lip injections is completely normal

Even lip filler professionals tend to forget that their lips may swell after lip injections. However, this process is completely normal! Even before your injections, it is best to be prepared for the fact that your lips can swell up to twice their normal size – and sometimes even asymmetrically. However, there is no reason to panic! After 2 days at the latest, the swellings will disappear completely on their own.

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