Fuller lips – 6 tips for the perfect lip shape

My lips don’t lie – dry skin, wrinkles, but also a lack of volume or asymmetries can sometimes make us want tolips. The Lip shape supposedly gives information about the Character; the condition says something about the moisture content of the skin, lifestyle and age. Quite the chatterbox. On the top of the wish list: Fuller lips. Can’t you (have) something done there?

Get fuller lips


The problem: Lip color is weak, mouth blends almost smoothly with skin tone, or lips appear frayed. Clear lines and a pronounced, curved Cupid’s bow are considered particularly attractive.

Solution: Choose lipstick and contour pencil in a shade darker than the skin tone. Permanent make-up creates this effect in the long term. Be sure to see a professional and show photos of results. There are techniques that perfect the contour without making it look painted.

#2 – Narrow lips

The problem: The upper lip is very narrow compared to the lower lip and the cupid’s bow is weak. In which Ratio upper and lower lip to each other is hereditary. 1:2 is considered to be particularly attractive.

Solution: This lip shape can be plumped up and evened out with a hyaluronic acid filler. If temporary volume with filler is not enough for you, you can choose to go to the operating table and have your lips filled with hyaluronic acid. Lip Lift get permanently fuller lips.


The problem: Fine lines on the lips where lipstick collects unsightly. The surface is never smooth; after all, the skin here must be able to move when you speak or laugh. When the Hyaluronic acid production decreases with age, the lips lose volume, the excess skin leads to noticeable wrinkles.

Total Lip Treatment by Sensai

The solution: Use preventive UV protection and care for the lips regularly. The new “Total Lip Treatment” from Sensai is full of intelligent active ingredients that act in the dermis, epidermis and, for the first time, on the muscles. The new texture softens the wrinkles around the lips and increases lip volume (dispenser with 15 ml circa 98 euros).

Hyaluronic acid filler correct

Asymmetrical lips

Beautiful full lips, lip volume, laser technique, Dr. Darius Alamouti, Marina Jagemann.

The problem: The cupid’s bow is asymmetrical, the upper lip is higher on one side, or the lips are crooked on top of each other. Very few faces are perfectly symmetrical, but a crooked smile can appear unintentionally ironic or mocking.

Solution: Slight inequalities can be solved with a Lip liner can be “painted over”. The injection of Hyaluronic acid filler has a more long-term effect (at least six months) and costs from 350 euros.


The problem: Dry lips that tighten, burn and tear. There are no sebaceous glands on the lips, so the skin is particularly dry here and can hold moisture poorly. Cold, dry air but also a lot of sun can additionally stress the lips.

Solution: The rich care product “Total Lips Treatment” by Sensai ensure particularly soft and supple lips. The effect can be enhanced by a massage: For this, spread a sufficient amount on the lips and massage the upper lip, lower lip and also the corners of the mouth counterclockwise with the middle fingers in circular motions.


The problem: The upper and lower lips are very narrow, the mouth as a whole appears rather wide.The reasons for this can be heredity, inwardly set teeth or advancing age (and thus the degrading structural components of the connective tissue).

Total Lip Gloss by Sensai

Solution: A Pout for one night is enough? Then lets Lip gloss make narrow lips appear fuller. Special plumping glosses with ginger or peppermint have an additional plumping effect. Apply lipstick or liner to large areas to create more Fake” volume usually emphasizes the deficiency even more. Lip gloss is ideal, e.g. the new “Total Lip Gloss” from Sensai. They give a soft glow and immediately provide more volume. A special “Lip Care Complex” provides intensive moisture and rejuvenates the lips. Fine lines are minimized (in three colors, approx. 45 euros).

Photos: Jakub Gorajeko & Timothy Dykes