Full lips as a sign of femininity?

Full lips are beautiful? Anyone who previously believed that whether a person is attractive or not must be a matter of subjective perception is mistaken – female beauty in fact follows universal laws.

A professor of University of Göttingen has dealt with attractiveness research and found out that the Beauty is not always subjective is not always subjective. Attractiveness is very much a value that can also be measured via studies. Especially when it comes to what men find attractive in women.

The professor is not talking about beauty here either, but uses the term “physical attractiveness”. Thus, a beautiful woman is an automatically average person – this was already proven in the 1990s by two US-American women. Why the average is automatically perceived as attractive? People feel familiarity here because numerous familiar characteristics are recognized.

Which women are perceived as attractive?

What does average actually mean? The face is not too big and not too small, the ears do not stick out, furthermore there are no visible blemishes, i.e. no untypical warts, so that one also gets the feeling that the woman is healthy. Because the healthy appearance also plays an essential role when it comes to whether the woman is perceived as attractive or not.

The more feminine the woman’s features are, the more attractive she will end up being perceived. The feminine features include big eyes, high forehead and also. full lips. This is probably the reason why many women choose to have their thin lips treated.

Dr. Martha Bernard knows that many women are afraid of such treatment. They don’t want their “mouth to widen unnaturally,” or for it to change their entire face. But many fears, she says, are unfounded. Dr. Bernard is known for taking care that naturalness does not slip into the background – that is, in the beginning, it is better to use less so that the lips are not “overinjected.” The patient can thus follow along at any time and weigh up to what extent the result is right or whether more fullness is desired.

Hyaluronic acid makes lips fuller

For lip augmentation, as well as lip enhancement, Dr. Bernard uses. Hyaluronic acid. It should be noted that hyaluronic acid is degraded by the body over time. The result achieved here does not last for eternity. After approx. nine months the treatment must be repeated.

RisksThe risks of treatment with hyaluronic acid products, such as intolerance, nodule formation or allergies, are very low, hardly known. This means that anyone who has their lips treated with hyaluronic acid need have no fear of any risks or even side effects.

Those who choose hyaluronic acid can look forward to a very good result and also are immediately socially as well as work ready again. Due to the fact that Dr. Bernard performs such procedures in his office, it is a very simple procedure. outpatient treatment is concerned, lip augmentation – at least in theory – can even be performed during the lunch break.