Freckles – strengthen or get rid of?

Happy is the one who has them. Freckles. Because he doesn’t have to painstakingly paint them on dot by dot – as many stars do. Why do they do that? Freckles make wrinkles and fine lines virtually invisible (i.e. younger), are sexy and give even elegant ladies a touch of hippie. But freckled skin needs special care. And that’s what it should get.

I have what feels like 688,549 freckles. Each one is unique. It’s like snowflakes, no two are alike. In my teenage years, dots were about as popular as grandma’s knitted underpants for winter. The ones made of the scratchy wool. So I have kilo makeup consumed. I’m pretty sure I’ve helped fund some beauty companies to no small degree. In the meantime Freckles “en vogue” and my make-up consumption drastically decreased and I care for my freckles extremely lovingly.

What the little dots like: when cleansing and care are carefully tuned to the skin type – oily or dry and so on. If you score with freckled skin, you have to accept that it is a Diva and is prone to irritation and redness when exposed to too many preservatives, dyes and fragrances.

Freckles are vain – they want to be seen. So use only a very light, liquid foundation. So that the hippie spots are put in the right light, the following. Makeup tutorial note: Please apply the foundation only partially in the places where you don’t want the dots to be seen. That way, my prettiest dots will show up better. Advice No. 2: Alternatively, you can apply the makeup on the whole face – please only gaaanz little!!! – and wipe off the spots again, where the Püncktchen simply sexy are. (You notice: freckles can be quite conceited … Mine always want to present themselves on the cheeks and nose.

Get rid of freckles?

As a finish, freckled skin calls for loose powder, which will Complexion matte. However, some small dots are shy and want to hide – here you go, a Concealer makes it possible. Freckles go for warm colors in all shades, with Make-up, lipstick and blush. You know why: they simply look better with it!

The little dots have a mission. Their message is: “You have sun sensitive skin! Please, please use Products with SPF! Please especially on forehead, bridge of nose, cheeks and shoulders!” (Yes, yes, it’s all right. We get it. Freckled skin is thirsty and only satisfied if you treat it twice a week with a Moisturizing mask pampered. Otherwise, it is offended and quickly reacts with flaky patches and a tired, gray complexion. The same goes for a soft peeling. “We’d like to have that 1 x per week, please,” they keep begging.

Enhance freckles!

Enhance freckles: Oh yes, the pro tip for those who only have a few freckles or none at all: use two eyebrow pencils in two different shades to paint on the spots. This makes them look more natural. It’s best to be a bit more lavish in the nose area and rather sparing on the cheeks. And do not distribute too accurately, but pretty irregularly. Very important: When dabbing on the dots, press on the pencil sometimes more strongly and sometimes only very lightly – it looks so real that natural freckles are guaranteed to turn green with envy.

Enhance freckles with the right care Care for freckles Remove freckles is not always easy: better prevent!
Intensive moisturizing mask: “Moisturize Hydrating B5 Masque” by SkinCeuticals (75 ml, 51,30 Euro) Reduces wrinkles and fine lines, soothes stressed skin and gives it a rosy glow: “Anti-Aging Oil” by 3LAB (30 ml, 300 euros) Protects against UVA and UVB rays as well as free radicals with stem cells from the Nordic dragon’s head, a plant from the Baltic States: “SPF 30 Plant Stell Age-Defying Sunscreen” by Mádara (40 ml, 29 euros)

Enhance freckles? With the right care, even sensitive freckled skin is cared for. Remove freckles? Pigment spots are not so easy to cream away Pigment spots and freckles need special care
Exfoliation – yes, please, but gentle it has to be for women with freckled skin: “Rose Diamond Exfoliating Cleanser” by The Organic Pharmacy (120 ml, 65 euros) A touch of makeup without covering up freckles: “Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup SPF 30” by Estée Lauder (30 ml, 44 euros) Anti-age and radiance: little miracles from water make freckles shine. Gel mask “Illuminating Pearl” by Sans Soucis (50ml, 25 euros).

Text: Conny Eyssen

Lead photo: Shutterstock/tiger1977, Photos: PR