Fragrances and their effect

For the vast majority of women, “their” perfume is almost sacred. It is a part of their personality and a subtle way to positively influence other people in a very specific way. For example, to appear more attractive, younger, more seductive or even more self-confident – fragrances and their effect!

All fragrant perfumes not only make their wearer happy, but also let her look directly into the soul of her counterpart. Fragrances and their effect unfold in less than a thousandth of a second. A US researcher has investigated which fragrances have an anti-aging effect.

Dr. Jeanette Haviland-Jones, professor of psychology at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA has found out that only sensual perfume, perfumes with floral aromas have an almost magical effect.

Floral fragrances and their effect

Dr. Jeanette Haviland-Jones’ study shows: Smells “manipulate” people in such a way that they unconsciously show their true feelings. They can’t help it, because every scent triggers a spontaneous emotion in the human brain that we can’t influence. For example, it is simply impossible to suppress a smile and not find your counterpart younger and more attractive if she wears a flowery fragrance. This is true for both men and women!

In one of the experiments, for example, Dr. Haviland-Jones and her team tested how people behaved when someone gave them flowers. “They smiled, allowed closeness, struck up a conversation, and often even spontaneously hugged or kissed the bearer.” Certain scents, sensual perfume just seduces.

Sensual perfume with anti-aging effect

Floral perfume usually contains the aromas of rose, jasmine, magnolia, freesia, gardenia, lilac, lily of the valley, lily or orchid or even tuberose contain. The sensual perfume gets its special character either through individual floral notes (soli flora) or through a finely tuned composition of different fragrance notes.

Oh yes: Whether the legend is really true that Cleopatra used her various fragrances in such a way that even the wind was enchanted by her, remains to be seen. Fragrances and their effects are not only scientifically studied, there are also a lot of myths around the topic…

There is an entire potpourri of floral fragrances in the Palazzo Nobile collection from Valmont. In addition to Blooming Ballet, this also includes Bright Poppy, Satin Musk and Sea Bliss. All fragrances 100ml about 148 euros.

The mysterious scent of cedar wood takes us to the world of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The aromas of rose and immortelle, as well as velvety plum, vanilla and saffron notes make Cèdre Superfluide from the collection of Les Eaux Primordilaes a sensual experience. (EdP, 100ml approx. 170 euros).

Carthusia Tuberosa

What do you get when you put tuberose absolute, rose, vanilla and ylang ylang, plus a touch of plum, in perfect harmony in a bottle? Tuberosa by Carthusia, which smells like Italy, summer and flower gardens. (EdP, 100ml, 90 euros).

Pauline R Perfume 6

Lovely, romantic, floral and slightly powdery, this is the best way to describe Le Sixième from The Seven Collection by Pauline Rochas. It smells of iris, jasmine and osmanthus, among others. Pauline Rochas, by the way, is the granddaughter of Marcel Rochas, who created the Femme perfume for his wife, legendary fashion designer Hélénè Rochas. (EdP, 50ml, 149 euros).

Tom Ford Metallique

The bottle is elegant-purist, the name mysterious-confusing for a floral-sensual perfume: but in Métallique by Tom Ford, lily of the valley, hawthorn and musk mallow (a very rare plant that collectors should therefore not pick in the wild!), among others, combine to create a seductive fragrance. (EdP, 50ml, 122 euros).

Jo Malone Poppy & Barley Cologne

Poppy & Barley by Jo Malone is recognizable to a wonderful floral blend of poppy (which is iconic of the meadows and gardens of England!), rose and violet. A tiny amount of blackcurrant gives the fragrance a surprising freshness kick. (EdC, 30ml, 56 euros).

AERIN Limone di Sicilia

The sunlight of Sicily inspired Aerin Lauder to create her Limone di Sicilia perfume. For this, the fragrance notes of lily of the valley, Egyptian jasmine and the particularly sweet-smelling Rosa Centifolia, as well as the eponymous Lemon Primofiore, were composed into a sensual scent. (Aerin, EdP, 50ml, approx. 150 euros).

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