Foxy Eyes with Browlifting and Radio Frequency

This year, a beauty trend is causing a stir on social media channels: Foxy Eyes – slanted eyes inspired by the look of a fox. They promise a lifting effect without any surgery at all. We explain how the look works.

Foxy Eyes are THE new Cat Eyes. Behind the beauty trend is the famous makeup artist Erin Parson, who has already created looks for Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, among others. The goal of this new eye look is to create a rejuvenating effect, eyes that look open and beveled. The look can be implemented very glamorous but also quite natural.

The prerequisite for the look are eyebrows that are perfectly in shape are brought. For this, please take strong momentum! Eyebrows are at the moment quite clearly the Favorites of the top make-up artists, who agree on one thing: brows are the stars of the face and the most natural lift of all. They not only give the face more contour, but also make it look more also look younger in seconds.

For Foxy Eyes, yes, they come rather thick, in a distinctive, exotic shape. If you carefully approach a Browlifting would like to approach, one can the brows lift through Botox can be achieved. However, the effect is not permanent; the treatment usually has to be repeated every three to four months.

For Botox injection be sure to go to a specialized doctor. In case of improper use, it can lead to Asymmetries or irritation of nerves may occur. The cost is about 200 euros.

Model with Foxy EyesFoxy Eyes with TemSure Envi: safe, sustainable, painless

Sustainable for lifting the brows is a treatment with Radiofrequency. With TempSure Envi, radiofrequency technology can be used with particular precision. The heat effect results in the so-called Collagen Shrinking which means that the skin tightens and, as a result, the eyebrows are raised slightly. “With the TempSure Envi, you can treat virtually any area of the face or even the body, including the eye area,” explains Dr. Klaus Hoffmann of Hautteam Bochum. And does this treatment hurt? “You feel relatively little during the treatment, the Temperature is measured permanently, which makes the device particularly safe. Ultimately, you feel a pleasant warmth during the treatment,” says the doctor.

More tips for browlifting:

Microblading: The permanent make-up for the brow has been further developed: Now it is no longer tattooed with a needle, but very finely scratched with a blade. Filled with color, the lines then look like hairs – if it is well done. Costs about 290 euros.

Extensions: This can be used to fill in gaps or thin brows. In the cosmetic studio, artificial hairs are glued to the natural ones. Unsuitable for very light brows or very large gaps. Lasts about two weeks. Costs about 50 euros.

Photos: Katarina Hildebrandt/hr studios