Forever beautiful – from 60

Looking radiantly beautiful and healthy – at any age: Perfect timing in terms of skin care ritual and support with the right products play an important role. Because whether 30, 40, 50 or 60 – in every decade, the skin has different needs. Here are the best strategies and make-up tips on how to stay beautiful at any age. In the fourth part of the four-part series: The skin from 60.

Now the focus is on the increasingly thinning skin. In addition to the falling estrogen level, the reduced production of the sebaceous glands also causes the skin to become drier, lose elasticity and wrinkles become clearly more visible. Professional treatments and special anti-aging products are now particularly effective.

Intensive support

In this decade of life, one thing above all helps: lots of attention in the form of anti-aging care. “A real star in active ingredients is vitamin A, because it can outsmart the ‘bad boys’ of skin aging. It is important that a cream contains pure vitamin A and not the esterified form of the vitamin,” explains dermatologist Professor Volker Steinkraus from the Dermatologikum in Hamburg, who founded the care brand SBT together with the beauty company La Prairie. “The complexion also suffers from poorer blood circulation and therefore sometimes looks sallow. Tissue also loses shape as it loses firmness due to the rapid breakdown of collagen. I recommend regular treatments with the JetPeel. This gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin and then supplies it with moisture, vitamins and nutrients,” explains medical cosmetician Helia Schwarz from the practice “Meine Haut” in Munich.

Well defined

Now is also the time for specialists: so twice a week you should apply a care mask, which provides a more defined contour and a firmer appearance. The hands also sometimes become age traitors now. To keep them in top shape for as long as possible, you should regularly pamper them with a hand mask, which has a particularly intensive effect at night under cotton gloves.

Bright spot

Blood circulation around the eye area also no longer functions smoothly. As a result, the fine blood vessels that lie under the eyes become more prominent and cause dark shadows. Lightening agents are creams with light-reflecting pigments and active ingredients that promote blood circulation, such as hibiscus extract.

Elegant appearance

Makeup should emphasize the natural skin tone. “The most important thing: avoid layers or so-called layering. So choose a makeup that moisturizes and mattifies itself. Then you can do without powder. A blush in fresh tones such as brown rosé or flamingo lifts the facial features when applied diagonally from the upper cheekbone to the temples,” emphasizes makeup and hair stylist Heiko Palach, who works for luxury magazines such as Vogue or Glamour. For the eye shadow, choose rather light, non-glossy powder shades such as gray or warm brown, as these colors make the eyes look younger.

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