Forever beautiful – from 50

Looking radiantly beautiful and healthy – at any age: Perfect timing in terms of skin care ritual and support with the right products play an important role. Because whether 30, 40, 50 or 60 – in every decade the skin has different needs. Here are the best anti-age strategies for staying beautiful at any age. In the third part of the four-part series: The skin from 50.

The hormone system changes during menopause, the skin becomes noticeably drier and does not have as good a blood supply. Nevertheless, there have never been as many attractive fifty-year-olds as there are today! Studies show that women of this age feel particularly good about their own bodies. While young women find fault with every little visual problem, almost half of older women find themselves more attractive than when they were 30. And it should stay that way! If you take care of yourself properly, you will keep your great charisma!


The fatty tissue on the neck and décolleté is extremely thin, and the skin wrinkles there the fastest. First aid? A daily alternating shower: to do this, shower the bosom and décolleté alternately for one minute at 10-second intervals with a warm and cold jet. Why? A well-perfused décolleté immediately appears plumper and firmer, and the subsequent care is better absorbed (e.g. “Neck & More” by QMS Medicosmetics). Also pamper the hands with rich special products. They often reveal more about the actual age than the face. Special hand creams, which at the same time act against pigmentation disorders, help against this.


For daily day and night cream, products with retinol, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants or vitamin C are just right. They promote the formation of collagen, which supports and cushions the skin, and protect against free radicals. Creams rich in hyaluronic acid are also wonderful. They help the skin retain moisture. Plus, the more moisture the skin retains, the plumper and smoother it looks. Another problem after 50 is hyperkeratosis – the term used to describe excessive keratinization of the upper layer of the skin. “I have very good experience with regular peelings. They act like a kick for cell division, which unfortunately slows down at this age,” explains medical cosmetician Petra Schepeler from Cologne.


When it comes to make-up, less is more. The more natural the colors, the more youthful the radiance. Complexion foundations that are similar to your own skin type are ideal. Apply discreet makeup to the lips and eyes – in soft shades. Strong, hard colors tend to make you look older.

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