Forever beautiful – facial care from 30

Looking radiantly beautiful and healthy – at any age: Perfect timing in terms of skin care ritual and support with the right products play an important role. Because whether 30, 40, 50 or 60 – in every decade the skin has different needs. Here are the best strategies and tips from a dermatologist on how to stay beautiful at any age. In the first part of the four-part series: Skin from 30.

Now the big decisions are due. Do I want children? Do I go all out for a career? Is getting married the right thing to do? At 30, you get involved in fewer things than at 20 – but more intensively. At this stage of your life, your job is running at full speed, or you are already the manager of a family.

Both can be quite stressful. Regular relaxation is therefore particularly important so that you can cope better with the stresses. From the age of 30, the skin produces around 30 percent less fat than it did ten years earlier. In addition, at this age our outer skin has already lost about 10 percent of its water-storing collagen fibers. As a result, the first wrinkles can appear.

Tip 1 for facial care from 30: Prevention is now the be-all and end-all

Care creams should be tailored to the skin type and you should no longer do without an eye cream. You can relax wonderfully under a face mask, and it’s best to apply it regularly once a week. Also important: use a day cream with a light protection filter. UV-related skin damage is usually not yet visible, but unfortunately the skin does not forget anything and prevention is now the top priority.

Tip 2 for facial care from 30: Clever creams against first wrinkles

From 30, the first expression lines start to show. “They are caused by laughing, talking or blinking. There is a kind of cellular musculature that tenses and relaxes up to 30000 times a day, similar to the facial musculature,” explains Dr. Elisabeth Schumachers. There are special creams against expression lines. They contain calcium blockers such as magnesium. Those who are not prone to expression lines should choose the cream according to their skin type. In selected perfumeries like xy you will get the best advice.

Tip 3 for beautiful skin from 30: Night care becomes mandatory

From now on, evenings when you don’t need to remove your makeup should be a definite no-no and night care should be a regular part of your routine. Because at night the skin works at full speed. The regeneration process can be supported with an individual program, which consists of cleansing according to type and the appropriate care products. It is important to know your own skin needs. Clarifying products with salicylic acid, for example, help to combat impurities, while dry skin is also happy to receive additional moisture at night.

Tip 4 for facial care from 30: regular facial cleansing

Often underestimated, facial cleansing is the most important step in the beauty routine. Cleansing is the first step of the care ritual. It frees the skin from bacteria and impurities that accumulate on the face and prepares it for further care. Because after cleansing, the pores are free and clarified and the skin can absorb care products much better.

In any case, the skin should be cleansed in the morning and evening, as dead skin cells are removed in the morning, thus optimally preparing the skin for care and makeup, and dirt and makeup from the day are removed in the evening. For cleansing, there are gels, foam, milk or peelings. It is best to decide which product is best suited according to the skin type indicated on the packaging.