Forest bathing as an anti-aging booster

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Read correctly: bathing in the forest. What is meant by this? Forest bathing is primarily about conscious awareness, mindfulness and noticing the spicy smell of the forest, consciously feeling your breathing, filling up on vital oxygen. Now you can experience this benefit in the spa or gym. Spiroyal is the magic word here.

In Japan, forest bathing – called Shinrin-yoku – is even considered medicine, and as early as the early 1980s, a multi-million dollar research program was funded here to prove the medical effects of forest bathing. Then, twelve years ago, the first center for “Forest Therapy” and Japanese universities now offer specialist training in “forest medicine.” So can forests do more than wellness?

Asian studies show that even a short relaxing walk through the forest can have a Influence on our health and vitality has. In the forest, the number of killer cells increases and the immune system improves, the scientists write. Free radicals are reduced after just one hour in the forest, Blood pressure, cortisol and pulse decrease.

Forest air is beneficial to health

An essential role for the health and anti-aging booster forest plays the Forest air quality. Without food we can live a few weeks, without water a day or two – but without air only a few minutes. Unfortunately, the vitality of the air we breathe, of which we consume around 12,000 liters every day, is constantly decreasing. Surely one reason why forest bathing is experiencing such a boom. In forests the Air namely downright charged with energy and so low dust as otherwise only in the mountains or at the sea. The concentration of dust particles there is only one to ten percent of that in cities. But not all air is the same, moreover, it should not be assessed solely on its degree of purity, but and especially on its vitality capacity, explains the electrophysicist and energy physician Professor Karl-Heinz Röber.

With imitated forest air Spiroyal stops aging

Not everyone, however, has the time and leisure to exercise regularly in the forest. Now there is a real alternative: the Spirovitalization. What’s behind it? “Roughly speaking, it is about a system that energetic quality of the air we breathe increases and thus the vitality capacity,” Professor Röber said. “With the Spiroyal technology the oxygen or the breathing atmosphere is transferred into die physiologically active form which is technologically modeled on the nature of photosynthesis and which the organism has known for millions of years. Thereby take over Water molecules of the breathing air this energy, which is then released by a slight Breathing goggles can be inhaled together with normal air,” says Professor Röber.

Developed according to the model of nature

This technology comes in the form of two products in different colors and finishes: AvantGarde and STREAM HS. They form the new SPA set and are a perfect complement to beauty treatments, massages, sauna & Co. Just 21 minutes lasts, for example, an application with AvantGarde.

Fill up with new energy, oxygen, vitalization, forest bathing, wellness hotelsWhile the facial mask takes effect, you enjoy a foot massage or simply want to recharge your batteries, you can sit back, fill up on vitalized air with the breathing goggles and let the integrated colored light therapy take effect on you.

The complement to the AvantGarde breathing station, also known as a vitalizer for energy from within, is STREAM HS. With it a treatment can be carried out from the outside. Ideally suited for the targeted treatment of joint complaints, migraines and headaches, as well as skin irritations.

And why is the Spirovitalization also a Anti-aging booster? With increasing age, the body’s ability to Oxygen utilization after. In the organism, spirovitalization now ensures increased O2 utilization and has a positive effect on many bodily functions. Thus, after vitalization therapy with Spiroyal, many report that not only the skin quality improves has. You feel more efficient, fitter and more concentrated. Sleep would also be deeper and more restful. The patented as well as internationally multiple award-winning Spiroyal process is offered in spas, fitness studios and wellness hotels. More info about Spiroyal.