First court ruling on filler treatments

First Process against a beautician and influencer for assault through Filler treatments: In the district court of Bochum the verdict was pronounced against 29-year-old beautician. She was charged with 36 counts of aggravated assault and fraud.

The court confirmed the accusations of the public prosecutor’s office that the accused had carried out aesthetic treatments without required qualifications and sentenced the young woman to a Imprisonment for 4 years and a fine of 36,000 euros.

What’s behind all this? The German Society for Aesthetic Botulinum and Filler Therapy (DGBT), for example, has long been calling for filler treatments with hyaluronic acid to be performed exclusively by approved physicians with special advanced training may be carried out. However, even a doctorate alone is no guarantee of good results. Much more important in this context are qualified continuing education and training, anatomical knowledge, sound experience in the use of fillers and a distinctive aesthetic Sensation.

Late effects of filler treatments

Doctors also warn: incorrectly injected fillers by unqualified treatments can lead to inflammations or embolisms (vascular occlusion) may occur. Even blindness is possible as a late consequence (we have already reported).

Until now, the only way to react to the complications is to use the Antidote Hyaluronidase to be used. This agent in turn may only by physicians should be used. However, even hyaluronidase does not guarantee absolutely certain success in the event of serious complications.

Attention cheap fillers!

However, the problem is not only due to unqualified treatments. Because as long as everyone, including beauticians or hairdressers, can simply order hyaluron online, they will also carry out filler treatments.

Unfortunately, the market of untested cheap fillers (medical CE or FDA approval) is almost unmanageable. A particularly large number of poor fillers are currently coming from the Far East. For this reason, the DGBT is also calling for the comprehensive Prescription requirement for hyaluronic acid fillers, as established by law for the use of botulinum toxin (Botox). The neurotoxin is approved as a prescription drug.

Conclusion: So by all means for filler treatments only to the specialist designated for it! And: at least as important is the choice of a quality filler!