Finding the perfect perfume – this is how it works

Fruity, floral or rather spicy-oriental? Finding the perfect perfume that underlines your own personality is not so easy. We show how you can still find your favorite perfume in the jungle of different aromas.

Flowers are shooting up everywhere, rose bushes are packed with blossoms that are hard to beat in their abundance. Summer is really showing off – exuding a fragrance that we long for all year round. A “perfume” that nature has given him. We, on the other hand, have to find the right scent first and sniff countless bottles until we get dizzy. Fortunately, there is the scent interpreter Sandra Tittel. She is the perfume expert on the team at Munich’s Parfümerie Brückner and is guaranteed to help you find the perfect perfume. Her tips on this in the PODCAST interview.

“A fragrance is something alive, a place where you feel at home, a favorite dress, a courage-maker, a seducer or even a protection – all this cannot be grasped with the mind. That’s what makes a fragrance consultation so exciting for me: matching people with their longing fragrance, and seeing the glow when it happens,” explains the fragrance interpreter, who has been enriching the team at Parfümerie Brückner with her passion and expertise since 2007.

“Sometimes I even simply override the often well-formulated wishes of the customers during the consultation and decide intuitively. Scent interpreter is my special service – we take time together to get to know some of the ingredients to feel out personal scent preferences.”

Finding the perfect perfume – this is how it’s done

A perfume that smells great on a colleague or a good friend doesn’t have to be just as beguiling on you. Because each person has an individual own smell and a different skin condition. Paper test strips are rather unsuitable. You should try out a fragrance on parts of the body where you want to wear it later and where the skin is particularly well supplied with blood, such as the neck or wrist.

The rule here is not to rub the fragrance after spraying, so that the fragrance molecules are not destroyed. The top, heart and base notes of a perfume need half an hour and pleasant body heat to fully develop. However, this only applies to natural ingredients; synthetic ones change almost nothing after being sprayed on. If you have already tried out too many fragrances, you can reach for a jar of coffee beans, which are available in almost every perfumery – this neutralizes the sense of smell.

The very special thing about the fragrance consultation at Parfümerie Brückner to find the perfect perfume is a personal appointment with the fragrance interpreter. For this, one should take one to one and a half hours of time. During this time, Sandra Tittel explains what different notes are available in the perfumery, tells you about interesting facts in the production of a fragrance and what actually makes a perfume. Then she opens her little fragrance box.

Individual fragrance consultation

And off we go with sniffing absolues and essential oils. It starts with light notes, followed by heart and base notes. “From the emotional reaction, I can tell which fragrance might be interesting for the particular customer. When everything is sniffed through I choose about 3 perfumes. Most of the time, it works out great and the fragrance the customer wanted is there,” the fragrance interpreter is pleased to say.

Find the perfect perfume at Parfümerie Brückner

Insider tips in perfume

If you don’t want to adorn yourself with fragrances from the perfumery that “everyone has”, the lovingly selected fragrances from Parfümerie Brückner are just right for you. For example, a perfume from the collection “Les Femmes” by Brückner: “Un Peu de Musc” is a tender veil, woven from light flowers and white musk … Or: “M8 Moods Mare Mosso”, an aquatic fragrance with woody-spicy accents, while ” Romeo on the Rocks” with citrus notes refreshing and spreads an elegant touch. Rubin’s “Idole Femme” perfume pays homage to the bold women of the world with its resinous-smoky accords, and “Angelys Pear” exudes a juicy pear note accented by a bouquet of rose and jasmine and highlighted by oakmoss.

Lead photos: Unsplash, Photos: Perfumery Brückner