Fight wrinkles to look younger?

“If you look old in old age, it’s your own fault”… that’s what Ines Imdahl, psychologist and managing director of the market research institute Rheingold Salon, which has published a study on “Beauty Care in Europe”, says. What’s behind the statement that you should fight wrinkles to look younger?

It’s your own fault if you look old – an amazing study result in a time when it is so often said that “true beauty comes from within,” “stand by yourself,” “love yourself as you are.” Is fighting wrinkles really the way to go if you want to look younger?

Effective anti-aging skin care is like the icing on a strawberry cake after all – you can stand by yourself and still want to look younger, to feel better with rosy, firm skin and defined facial contours.

Certain younger-looking rules everyone really knows by now, like: never go to bed with makeup on, exfoliate once or twice a week, be sure to use a cream with SPF – and so on and so forth. But there are a few professional tricks that make anti-aging care even more effective.

Look younger

You can’t do without sunglasses if you don’t want to have wrinkles around your eyes. Sun Glasses can and should be worn even on cloudy days. It also looks glamorous and mysterious. Just think of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

Show your colors

A few color highlights are a quick anti-aging secret Рlike a colored eyeshadow with shimmer particles (but not immediately in a lush red-carpet style!), a pretty blush, or even a lipstick or gloss in a ros̩ or apricot shade. Bluish shades look too severe.

Fight wrinkles with care ritual

A blob of day or night cream the size of a hazelnut is quite enough. Too much cream can lead to clogged pores. Gently pat cream in from the chin up to the cheeks. Finally, dab a very small blob on the root of the nose and pat the cream in with your fingertips all the way to the temples.


Concealer with gold particles conceal wrinkles, because the particles reflect the light and thus make wrinkles almost invisible.

Anti-aging in seconds

A lightly tanned complexion makes you look a few years younger in seconds. But without the sun, of course! Simply rub some day cream with a dab of makeup or a complexion tint in your (washed!) hands and apply. But no more than one or two shades.

Skin Test

The skin has its own personality, it reacts to many influences and therefore its needs change. So check more often if the skin needs more moisture, lighter or richer care or masks or a special peeling.

Various loose powders to fight wrinkles.Powder Style

Always powder only the T-zone, otherwise the complexion looks artificial and is as far away from a healthy look and an attractive glow as Mars is from Earth. And always dab powder only, do not wipe.

Fight wrinkles with Glow Effect

A rosy and plump complexion makes you look years younger. Professional trick: Apply cream blush and then spread tinted day cream or makeup over it. Healthy Glow!

Pony Tale

Strict hair styles may look serious, but they also make you look older… A fringe or a few strands plucked out instantly cheats a few years away.

Text: Conny Eyssen

Lead photo: Alexanfer Krivitskiy, Photos: Rapahel Lovaski, Siora Photography