Field report: This is what liposuction feels like

Tops in clothing size 38, pants from size 42: Liposuction of the breeches fat is almost the only way for pear-type women to get a slimmer silhouette. Andrea Böttger* went down this path in 2008. What does she say today?

Sports, diets, Spanx – the Cologne native left nothing out to combat the wide pelvis, fat pads on the inside of the knees and severe cellulite that are typical in her family. Then eight years ago came the decision to consult a surgeon in Hamburg. The doctor thought the procedure was quite possible and offered it at a fixed price of 5,000 euros. Andrea Böttger agreed. “I came to her practice clinic at noon, had another talk with the anesthesiologist and was then operated on right away. Of course I don’t remember anything about the operation itself, actually nothing about the hours afterwards.” Still in twilight sleep, she put on the girdle pants that are obligatory after liposuction. The doctor told her the surgery went well, that she was very satisfied. “I spent one night in the surgery, with a nurse watching over me.” The PR woman had taken the next few days off, although the doctor had advised her to take two weeks off.

After liposuction: Blue miracle in the shower

Today, when she thinks of the first time after surgery, pain is the main thing that comes to mind. “I could not sit, only when lying down and standing did the suctioned parts hurt less.” Car trips a few days after the surgery could not be avoided, and every clutch and accelerator was an ordeal. “You really have to have two weeks off; my planning was just rubbish.” When she was allowed to shower for the first time a few days after surgery, she experienced a blue miracle: “I’ve never seen such a gigantic hematoma. My legs were shimmering in green-yellow-blue, it was really scary.” The bruise was not only large, but also steadfast. “The doctor had predicted that I wouldn’t see anything after three weeks – but it took more like five weeks.” Only then had the tissue also swollen enough for the result to be discovered at all. “That was so great! For the first time in my life, I was excited to see pictures of myself. My first purchase was a wrap dress, I couldn’t have worn that before.”

“Would do it again and again”

“In the following year, I was sometimes approached and told that I looked great, but that I had lost a lot of weight. Sometimes I told the truth, sometimes I didn’t.” Looking back, she says today what moves so many beauty surgery patients years later: “Why didn’t I do this earlier? Today, when I look at old school photos, I see an unhappy girl with a waist circumference of 60 centimeters. I wasn’t fat, but I had this big butt, and I’ve always hated that.” By now, she finds, her new silhouette belongs to her. She hasn’t experienced any long-term problems, either. And she sees women on the street all the time whom she would love to tell about her experience. “It’s not fair that women are judged so much by their bodies, but that’s the way it is. If I see a slim woman with breeches fat scurrying across the street like she doesn’t want to be seen, I’d love to tell her: you can do something about it.”

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