Field report: New light and laser therapy

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What can modern lasers do? And what is the difference between light and laser therapy? What should one pay attention to during a treatment? And above all: do the new systems really help against pigmentation disorders, age spots, large pores and red veins? I dare to take the step and let myself be treated with two new methods.

My skin appearance has been bothering me for quite some time. Too large pores, couperose – that’s the name of the red veins I have in the area of my car and around my nose – and isolated pigment disorders. So far, I have not had the idea to visit a plastic surgeon because of this. Through my work for the Anti-Aging Online Magazine I learned about a new photo and laser therapy from the USA and I dare to take the step. It’s clear to me that in the long run, visits to the beautician and special creams will no longer be enough to sustainably improve the appearance of my skin.

In Munich’s Villa Bella, Dr. Ludger Meyer is one of the first doctors in Germany to offer a combination of so-called phototherapy followed by laser treatment. I admit I’m pretty excited even before the consultation, because it’s actually my first appointment with a beauty doc.

Dr. Mayer takes a whole hour for the very pleasant and detailed consultation and explains: “Broad Band Light” (‘BBL’) from the Sciton company combines various application possibilities. Interchangeable filters ensure that the device can be used against pigment spots, visible veins as well as acne and large pores.” Depending on the filter and the wavelength selected with it, the light would thereby reach the desired target in the skin. Meanwhile, the integrated cooling system would protect the epidermis and the treatment would be virtually painless. “After just one hour, patients can leave the practice and get back to their daily routine,” Dr. Mayer said.

New laser therapy

For me, however, a second treatment with the so-called “Halo” (Hybrid Fractional Laser) is scheduled afterwards. This is supposed to give my skin back its youthful glow, because it repairs the UV damage in the lower layers of the skin, which can be identified with a UV scanner. I learn that they could eventually develop into skin cancer and “swallow” the light, which is why the complexion looks dull and tired.

Tuesday afternoon. I am supposed to be in the office an hour before the actual “session” so they can apply an anesthetic ointment and let it take effect. They say the “halo” treatment is more painful, hence the cream. I am of course even more excited than at the consultation but also very anxious. The cream starts to tingle unpleasantly after a while, but then it starts.

I try to relax while Dr. Mayer starts the phototherapy and calms me down with nice words. After an hour and a half, the full-face treatment is complete and my face is quite red, as predicted. Over the next two to three days, small crusts would now also form, and the face could continue to be red and swollen.

Okay with the prospect that, as a 10-year medical study from the U.S. as well as a Stanford University study found, skin looks better and younger after ten years than it did a decade earlier, I’ll take that. In my case, redness and swelling lasted until Saturday, and I continued to receive care from the practice during this time. In any case, the short period of suffering was worth it for me. The skin now looks just great!

For whom is “BBL” suitable?

BBL is extremely versatile due to the different filters – depending on the set wavelength: for couperose, pigmentary disorders, age spots, anti-aging treatment (also for prevention), acne. The BBL can be used not only on the face, but also on the décolleté, back and hands.

Risks and side effects: Pale and red-haired people may experience swelling, but this subsides after approximately three days.

The Result you can see after about four days

Cost: Full Face 500 Euro

Who is “Halo” suitable for?

The Halo is suitable for all people who have sun damage in the lower layers of the skin (so actually for most people over 30); these are repaired, giving the skin its “glow” again. In addition, the skin becomes more fine-pored overall. The “Halo” can also be applied to the décolleté or hands.

Risks and side effects: Redness and mild crusting of the skin occur for the first few days.

The Result can be seen after about six days.

Cost: Full Face 2.500 Euro

(Combined price for BBL and HALO for 2.750 Euro)