Field report: Beauty tips for women with cancer

At the moment, everyone is talking about Covid 19, but the situation of women with cancer fades into the background. People don’t like to talk or read about cancer. But it is an important topic.

Every year, 70,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer, 30,000 develop colorectal cancer, and 20,000 develop lung cancer. What is often forgotten: Women with cancer, just like everyone else, want to take care of themselves to look as good as possible. They don’t want to look sick and pale, to have a tired gray complexion and wrinkles and dark circles under their eyes.

Proper cancer care is a topic that is not often written about. I know what I’m writing about here. I am a cancer patient myself and have had several surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and many CT scans. Women with cancer need special care products because their skin has special needs: it is dry, often reacts sensitively to all changes with, among other things, red spots or pimples, the skin flakes and itches, you get dark circles and swelling.

Women with cancer need special care

My skin also reacted with all the unsightly side effects, so I tried many different products and found my favorites, which I present to you here:

Happens often: Skin is too sensitive to exfoliate. The Carrot Butter Cleanser gently cleanses and delicately dissolves dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and supple. (The Organic Pahrmacy, 75ml, 49.95 euros)

Kypris Puff of Love MoisturizerWhen you’re too weak for your daily skincare routine of serum and cream, “Puff of Love” moisturizes and nourishes your skin day and night. (Kypris, 46ml, 198 euros)

Peter Thomas Rose Stem Cell Gel MaskMasks can work even when you’re lying in bed. The Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask from Peter Thomas Roth’s clinical skincare line promotes cell renewal and plumps up the skin. (150ml, 48 euros)

WONDERSTRIPES Eye Pad Sachet with Crop Plate… and while you’re already in bed, you might as well give your eyes a beauty treatment: the Instant Glow Hydrogel Eye Pads tighten the skin, soothe it and have an anti-inflammatory effect. (Wonderstripes, 5 x 2 pads, 30 euros)

CONCEALER RMSNo one has to see red spots and pimples: the “Un” Cover-Up by RMS is concealer and foundation in one, available in 16 different shades. (5.67 g, 39 euros)

SEPAI Urban - SelfieEye cream with the S.O.S. extra: the Selfie Emulsion by Sepai moisturizes the skin and contains iridescent pigments that hide dark circles and wrinkles. (12ml, 75 euros)

BABOR_AGE ID_Eye Brow Filler Fibers 01 brown_OpenEyebrows define the face: Eye Brow Filler Fibers. (Babor Age ID Make-up, 4ml, 14.15 euros).

Cilamour Lash SerumThe eyelashes should be pampered with a special beauty helper to give your eyes more radiance: the Lash Serum by Cilamour powers the growth and volume of the eyelashes. (2ml, 79 euros)

Cream Blush from Kjaer WeisA touch of blush makes you look fresher. I prefer to use cream blush because it’s easier to spread and blend and you don’t have to fiddle with a brush. The Cream Blush by Kjaer Weis comes in 22 different shades. (3.5 g, 49 euros)

Text: Conny Eyssen

Lead photo: Jake Melara, product photos: PR