Feel good and forget about everyday life

Out of stress, into relaxation! Take a deep breath, let yourself be pampered. These treatments are part of the program in many spas. Be sure to try them out!

The longing for a little time out is booming now. With the wonderful treatments in a spa, you get the priceless feeling that for once everything revolves around you. Or do you get pre-warmed terry towels and delicious tea in your everyday life? Here is a small selection that will make you want to escape from your everyday life.

Lomi Lomi Nui

The Lomi Lomi Nui massage was originally associated with a sacred dance in Hawaii and was therefore also called temple dance massage. In wellness hotels, the treatment from the South Sea is usually abbreviated Lomi Lomi. Traditionally, Lomi Lomi is a purifying ritual that should prepare people for a new beginning in their lives. Body and mind should be freed from burdening energies with the massage technique. The traditional knowledge is taught in Hawaii by Kahunas (masters).

The word Lomi is the Hawaiian expression for “press, knead, rub.” In the Hawaiian language, the doubling of a word means its amplification many times over. The double Lomi therefore emphasizes the intensity and quality of the massage. Nui means “important, unique, great”. Lomi Lomi Nui therefore stands for an intense, unique feeling of well-being. The treatment itself can be thought of as a mixture of oil massage and body stretching. The entire body is massaged and stretched. This can release congestion and energy blockages.
For example in: Hotel Eden Roc


The oil massage is the centerpiece of any Ayurvedic regimen, but can also lead to deep relaxation when enjoyed separately. Abhyanga means “great oiling with loving hands” and that is exactly how it feels when practiced hands stroke the body. The Ayurvedic oil massage lasts up to two hours and is performed by one or two therapists using warmed sesame oil. The goal is to balance the so-called doshas (energy pathways of the body) from head to toe.
For example at: The Kranzbach

Hot Stone

Warm basal stones and cold marble are at the heart of the treatment method developed by American Mary Nelson. La Stone uses the stored heat of the rounded stones to relieve muscle tension. Depending on the training of the therapist, the chakras are taken into account, which as energy centers of the body also play a role in acupuncture. Once the stones have cooled down a bit, the therapist places them on selected points. Now the body is massaged with cool mamor stones, which are supposed to awaken the vital forces through the cold stimulus. In addition, La Stone promotes blood circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system, removes waste products, thus detoxifying the body. La Stone therapy is offered as a full body or back massage.
For example at: Panorama Hotel Oberjoch

Thai massage

This healing method, which is about 2500 years old, is a mix of yoga movements, acupuncture and reflexology. In order to stimulate the life energy Qi, arms and legs are stretched while lying or sitting, just like in yoga. Thai massage is not a pure relaxation treatment, but brings the body wonderfully into harmony.
For example at: Mandarin Oriental Bangkok


The abbreviation stands for “Water Shiatsu”. Instead of a classical couch, the treatment takes place in a well-tempered pool. While lying weightless in the therapist’s arms, stretching exercises and shiastu massage are performed. This is to strengthen the muscles and make them more flexible. You can also literally dive down during this treatment: when you exhale, the therapist submerges your body under water, and when you inhale, it is lifted out of the water. More deep relaxation and letting go is not possible!
For example at: Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay

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