Fat away without surgery

Fat away without surgery, simply freeze fat away: Sounds dreamy? It can be done. At least when you put yourself in the hands of proven specialists, like at the “skin concept body lounge” in Munich. Here it concerns exclusively the topic body treatments. The non-invasive CoolSculpting method is used in particular.

In an interview on the topic of fat removal without surgery, renowned dermatologist Dr. Patricia Ogilvie first explains why the technique actually works, what to look out for and for whom it is particularly suitable before we are allowed to be present live during a treatment.

Fat off without surgery. Why do you use CoolSculpting in your practice?

CoolSculpting is a standardized technique when it comes to non-invasive reduction of fat with cold – so called cryolipolysis. It is an FDA certified procedure (the only cryolipolysis system in the world), developed in the USA. It was important to me that there was good study data on the results, that it met scientific standards and, above all, that it was safe for my patients.

How exactly does the fat away treatment work?

Basically, you can say: fat reacts to cold. There is actually virtually no one for whom the method does not work. The rule is: “If you can squeeze it, you can freeze it” – so where you can feel pinchable fat tissue with your fingers, you can treat it with cold. The technical challenge lies in eliminating the fat cells with cold but sparing the overlying skin. This is achieved with the applicators from CoolSculpting. We often use several applicators during the treatments – they are available for almost all parts of the body – and therefore have four devices in the practice.

What happens then?

The fat cells that have died due to the cold are removed by the body’s own cells over a period of several weeks. This is a natural (harmless) physical process.

However, this means that the effect is not immediate?

Exactly. The whole process of fat loss takes about six to eight weeks, so that’s how long the patient has to be patient. However, the results are clear. The CoolSculpting procedure achieves a significant reduction of fat cells in the treated area by up to 25 percent. However, fat is very light. That is, the result is seen less on the scale than in photos.

Finally, are there contraindications and risks?

We would not treat pregnant women for ethical reasons, and there are very rare autoimmune diseases (patients react extremely to cold) as well as a specific hives that can be triggered by cold. Also, pigmentary shifts can occur, so you should not go out in the sun after treatment.

And the cost?

In the “skin concept body lounge” the treatments are offered as packages in sizes like clothing sizes: Package XS (for 2,100 euros including 2 Ballancer lymphatic drainage treatments for free after the treatment. Savings 750 Euro), Package S for 3,000 Euro, and so on up to Package L 5,900 Euro (with 3 free Ballancer treatments, total discount 2,500 Euro). A single application is between 600 and 700 euros. However, for some regions, such as the hip, two applications or more are usually required; depending on the area and patient.


Lead photo: Public Domain Pictures from Pixabay