Fat apron after weight reduction – what you can do

As if losing weight wasn’t hard enough, you then sometimes have to deal with excess skin. Especially when you have lost a lot of weight, the so-called Fat skirt become a problem. In the end, one is then not proud of the weight loss, but frustrated because still too much skin is there.

For example, if one has lost 30 kilograms, the abdominal wall is sometimes so greatly expanded that it is hardly possible for it to recede independently. Thus, a fat apron remains after weight reduction. Massages with special creams are also no help here – the skin no longer becomes taut.

In such cases, going to a plastic surgeon may be the only way to get a truly flat stomach. However, this is not just about looks, but also about health, as a fat apron may very well become a problem as well. Whether the choice of a tummy tuck is the right one should be discussed with a doctor in advance.

Can a fat apron disappear through exercise?

If the skin on the abdomen forms a large fold that resembles an apron, it is called a fat apron. Such excess skin can form on the back, thighs or even breasts, among other places. But it is not only about the appearance, but also about the Health. Because you sweat under the excess skin are Inflammations as well as fungal infections are pre-programmed. In addition, sores develop as the skin rubs against each other, so that the patient has to endure permanent pain.

The argument that exercise helps against sagging skin rarely applies in this case. Sporting activity may be helpful for smaller weight losses, but anyone who has lost 30, 40 or even 50 kilograms will hardly achieve any success with sport when it comes to getting rid of the excess skin.

Before deciding on surgery, it is important to make sure that the weight over stable for six months remains. In fact, it is not about the weight loss, but about keeping the new weight – that is, the doctor wants the certainty that the patient will not put on the excess pounds again with the old eating habits.

Excess skin is removed and the abdominal wall is tightened

In the course of the removal of the fat apron is also often immediately a Tightening of the abdominal wall performed. Dr. Martha Bernard also performs such procedures. After getting a picture of the condition of the fat apron after weight loss, she will recommend an abdominoplasty after close examination. The incision is always made directly above the pubic area during such procedures. With a round incision one separates the belly button from the skin tissue. Now the excess skin is removed – the skin flap is sewn on and the removed Belly button repositioned. Occasionally, shirring of the muscular abdominal wall may also be necessary.

However, one must not disregard the fact that such a procedure, which lasts a few hours, can also be Risks entails. For example, infections, secondary bleeding or even wound healing disorders can occur. Dr. Bernard will inform you in detail about the risks in a personal consultation.

In the end, the patient, ideally together with the physician, must compare the advantages with the risks of an abdominoplasty and then decide in the end which side carries more weight. As a rule, however, this procedure is a recommended option, since a fat apron can also affect the psyche of the person concerned.

Those who lose a lot of weight are proud of their achievements and want to show off their body – but if you are ashamed to wear a bikini because of the fat apron or to be on the beach only in your bathing suit, it is important that the excess skin is removed and the abdominal wall is tightened.