Facial Slimming – facial slimming from the syringe

Whether body shaping with sports, lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid or nose reduction thanks to surgery – there are countless ways to visually change our appearance. But what about the shape of our face? Initially, possibilities for optical changes were limited. Accordingly, horror stories from South Korea circulated through the press, in which patients underwent painful jaw fractures to narrow the shape of the face, until finally a much less complicated method came into focus: Facial Slimming! How the minimally invasive facial slimming from the syringe works, we explain in the following article.

Facial Slimming with muscle relaxant

In the meantime, facial slimming is also possible without surgical measures. The miracle drug Muskerelaxans makes it possible! Although the active ingredient is known to many only as a wrinkle killer, it also has a narrowing effect. The principle is exactly the same. Muscle relaxant is injected into the muscles to relax them and keep them from contracting. In so-called facial slimming, muscle relaxant is injected into the masseter muscle, known in medicine as the masseter. As a result of a predisposition or due to above-average strain (e.g. nightly teeth grinding and jaw clenching or frequent chewing of gum), the masseter can grow, making the lower jaw appear wider and more angular than it normally would. Similar to wrinkle smoothing, the injected agent has a relaxing effect and keeps the muscle from continuing to contract. As a result, the muscle slowly breaks down and facial volume is visually reduced.

Medical advantages of facial slimming

In any case, people who suffer from teeth grinding can also benefit from Facial Slimming. In addition, the injected muscle relaxant stops teeth from rubbing against each other at night, as well as unwelcome migraine attacks. However, the full effect of the muscle relaxant is unfortunately only noticeable after two weeks. Therefore, it requires some patience until the final result of the facial narrowing is visible.

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