Facial cleansing as pure luxury

If you listen to the grooming-conscious Japanese women, a simple facial cleansing routine is about as effective as stepping into the shower clothed. What is meant by this?

Let’s start with the basics: That facial cleansing is the A and O for a radiant and healthy skin is, should be known. It is the basis for subsequent care and makeup. But how exactly should you cleanse? Double cleansing is the keyword here!

For a long time, facial cleansing was a simple matter for most women: moisten the face, apply cleansing product and rinse everything off with warm water. Done.

For Asian women, however, facial cleansing has long been a regular skin care ritual. You know how important thorough cleansing is – especially in the evening, when the dirt that has accumulated on the skin during the day should also be taken down. Because: Fine dust, smog and exhaust fumes do enormous damage to the skin and make it look old more quickly. In the morning, facial cleansing and care ensure that the skin is optimally protected for the day with all its challenges.

Double cleansing has a long tradition

That is why the so-called Double cleaning so important and has not for nothing already a long tradition in Japan. The ritual that makes skin cleansing a true Care experience is composed as follows: In the first cleansing step, the skin is freed from oil-soluble contaminants such as makeup, UV filters, fine dust and other environmental pollutants. Oil-based products are suitable for this purpose, as they dissolve oily residues best. In the second cleansing step, all water-soluble residues such as bacteria or horny skin cells are removed from the skin. Soap-like products are best suited for this.

Facial cleansing in ultimate luxury form

The Japanese cosmetics brand Sensai has been focusing on the subject of double cleansing for years with its “Silky Purifying Line”. Now the anti-aging luxury skincare line “Sensai Ultimate” has grown and catapults the cleansing experience to a whole new level with the two new cleansing products: The first step of this luxurious double cleansing, the so-called Pre-cleaning, begins with the “Ultimate The Cleansing Oil”. The silky-smooth oil spreads smoothly, removes oil-soluble residues with ease and preserves the skin’s natural protective barrier. Additional anti-aging power is provided by rice and carrot oil (150ml, 124 euros).

ULTIMATE THE CREAMY SOAP by SensaiFor the ultimate care experience provides in the second cleaning step a care retreat. “Ultimate The Creamy Soap” comes in a double pack with a special cleaning brush with which you can massage in the velvety, precious foam as light as a feather. Heavenly!!! The skin care feeling can hardly be topped. With the “Creamy Soap” the skin is freed from water-soluble impurities such as bacteria and skin flakes. (“Ultimate The Creamy Soap,” 125ml, 144 euros). The ritual of double cleansing is the perfect start to the day and the best bedtime snack of all! Attention danger of addiction!

Photos: PR