Facelift before after – do you really look 10 years younger afterwards?

Creams, Peelings, Botox, Fillers – There are many remedies against visible aging. But what happens when none of them helps? Then the classic facelift. A major procedure that many shy away from – but which has the most effective effect, as pictures of the facelift before and after show. What to consider in the process.

The sustained fight against the signs of time is often exhausting and expensive. Those who nevertheless decide to have a facelift, to be helped by the experienced beauty doc to look young and beautiful for as long as possible, make a worthwhile Investment in itself self…

Ideally, you start early and leave with Botox wrinkles do not appear in the first place. Who already Volume loss complains or is annoyed by deeper wrinkles, can be helped with Fillers repair a lot. But at some point there comes a time when all these minimally invasive procedures are no longer enough for our own sensibilities. The older we get, the more the elasticity of our skin decreases and our muscles slacken, the face literally sags downward. Gravity is merciless – and plunges many aesthetically oriented people into deep dissatisfaction.

Even Nicoletta, only 48 years old, was not completely satisfied with her appearance and decided to have a “small” facelift. About the reasons for this step and her experience she reports in the PODCAST.

The good news: there is a solution for everything. For those who suffer greatly from the aging process, the classic facelift can be the remedy of choice. Certainly, even no lift can work miracles and visually cheat a 70-year-old to 30. But the surgical procedure can do that, what fillers & Co. can no longer do.: bring the sagging parts of the face back to where they were originally. And in extreme cases, make someone appear up to 15 years younger.

Those who decide to take such a step should follow the first rule: only go to the absolute expert! Because the bigger the intervention, the higher the risks. While the effect of Botox already wears off strongly after three months and fillers also degrade after one and a half years at the latest, the consequences of an unsuccessful facelift are much more serious.. “Nobody wants to lose a mask face or even their facial expressions and their very individual character. The result should look natural in every respect and have a convincing effect. Because ‘too little’ can be just as annoying as ‘too much’,” explains plastic and aesthetic surgeon Dr. Florian Sandweg.

If the facelift is performed by an experienced expert, it has the far more effective and long-term effect for the entire face compared to wrinkle injections.

Procedure of a facelift

What exactly happens during a facelift? Important is the Consultation with the doctor, who should address the patient’s individual needs and initial situation. “Major facelifts take place under general anesthesia. If there is nothing standing in the way of a procedure from a medical point of view, it can start. The The procedure itself takes two to five hours, depending on its extent.“, says Dr. Sandweg.

Here it depends on the correct cut an: The physician starts at the hairline above the ears, then goes around the ears to behind them, and by repositioning the facial areas and targeted tightening the desired effect.

Facelift before after

Common is the so-called SMAS Lifting. The acronym stands for Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System, in other words, the muscle connective tissue layer under the facial skin. “This subcutaneous tissue is responsible for the sagging of the facial parts,” emphasizes the plastic surgeon. And further: “The goal is to return the SMAS to its original starting point. So that it is not about a mere tightening of the skin but about a repositioning of the deeper tissue. This produces this literal lifting effect. The excess skin can finally be removed and a completely tension-free and fine suture is produced.”

Facelift: before & after comparison

Facelift: risks and complications

Any surgery can lead to Complications in the case of a facelift, post-operative blunting or wound healing disorders or paralysis of the facial expression due to injury to the facial nerve are among them. However, the probability is very low in the hands of an experienced expert.

Time out after facelift

After facelifting, patience is required: even though patients are usually discharged from the clinic after just one day and the head bandage is removed on the first dayIf the bandage is removed on the first day, the healing period of bruises and swellings can last up to two weeks. During this time, the facial muscles should be used as little as possible (i.e., do not grimace). Go easy on yourself! And afterwards, enjoy the sight of yourself in the mirror.

Facelift: Cost and durability

As a rule a facelift lasts ten years although, of course, time cannot be stopped, the clock is merely turned back, with the last suture pulled after 2 weeks, it continues to run. It can be repeated if necessary. The cost start at about 8,000 euros.